What can I do? Stuck Loading on Blue Bar

4: Stuck Loading on Blue Bar [TRIAGING]
We are currently looking into this issue. In the meantime, if your sim stops loading and the blue bar gets stuck, please try the following workarounds:
Exit out of Microsoft Flight Simulator (Alt+F4) and relaunch the title one or two times
Try running the sim as an Administrator

This method has been copied from the solution you have suggested.
However, we have already re-installed more than 20 times, but the situation is the same.
Windows updates were presented as a solution on another site, but I checked and found that they were the latest version.
I want you to suggest alternatives to what else I can do.
I’ll leave you hardware information.

CPU- AMD Ryzen 7 3700X -No Overclock
RAM- Samsung DDR4 8GB*4 EA
SSD- M.2 1TB (I forgot Brand name)
GPU- GALAXY 2070 SUPER -No Overclock Too.

Try checking your users folder (turn on hidden folders) if there is a strangely named new user folder (because of non-english characters) go deep in until you see two cache folders. Copy them to theoriginal location on your orignal user folder.


Try the following

Jump on youtube and search the following… Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Install Update Fix SOLVED

Make sure you’ve also updated you graphics drivers - i had similar issue not sure what actually solved it but the last thing i did was update graphics drivers nvidia released some yesterday

Also try the the Youtube - never worked for me - but people have said try quitting and starting again several times in row helped

I Have the same problem.

I find myself in the same boat as you. Stuck Loading on the Blue Bar @75%.
Background, The game was working fine for a few days before I first experienced the Blue Bar issue. I tried all five suggestions on MS official support page without any success. My user folders appear normal. I reinstalled the software and the game worked again. However, a few days later I find myself stuck on the Blue Bar once more.
Keen to hear any suggestions to help find a solution.


Same problem. Updated my nvidia driver. Last thing I did I tried the “travel to” button in the toolbar to move ahead on my oceanic flight. But that didnt load so I closed the game. Went to work, tried restarting it and I’m stuck at like 90% of blue bar. Second time to. And I’m not trying to re download the entire game again.

Ok, after several hours of trying to re-install MSFS2020 with getting stuck at the blue bar, I pressed install again and as soon as it got stuck I pressed Alt-F4 to stop the proces. I then started XBOX Beta and I noticed I got signed in automatically. I signed out and signed in again, then searched for MSFS2020 and pressed play. Guess what: it immediatly started asking which drive to download the packages. Hope this can help others as well.

Very disappointed with the purchase.
I’m stuck too.
I did everything suggested above, and the problem was not solved.
I asked for a refund, and they refuse to return the money.
Really disappointed, I did not expect Microsoft to behave this way.

what if the blue bar turns white? I know someone who said that their blue bar was half-way done and then it suddenly turned white, this after about 24 hours of downloading. 74Mbps internet speed isn’t helping but I thought i would ask for him, thanks

This needs to be fixed by Microsoft. I experience the Blue Bar issue at lease once per week. The only ‘solution’ (temporary solution) is to uninstall and re-install the program from scratch. This is ridiculous, what is Microsoft doing other than profiting from all the sales… They might like to invest some of that money in after sales support!!!

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I also am having the same difficulty. Since release of sim it was every seven days. Since the last update it is now 2-3 days. Only temp fix is to uninstall and re-install. Which I am very tired of doing since it takes a couple of hours to DL. Especially since the last update I have to DL all content separately. Thoroughly time software devs take the time to finish before release. I shouldn’t have to pay a premium for faulty software then spend hours browsing for a fix in a forum. PPl getting mad at me for not doing everything I can to make their programs work proper.


This is ridiculous. I’ve been stuck with this issue for a week now

Can someone form Microsoft please reply to this post? What do we need to do to have this long standing issue resolved by Microsoft? Do you really care, your silence makes it seem not.

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Hi all
I find myself like everyone else. Loading blocked on the blue bar at 75%.
The game works fine for a week and then I get stuck on the blue bar.
I have tried the official MS support without any success.
I reinstalled the software and the game worked again. However, a few days later I found myself stuck again at the blue bar.
i’m tired of relocating every week.
I do not know what to do.

same problem here, support keeps asking if windows if up to date, is my computer turned on etc very annoying, apparently this bug is around for quite some time now

have u found a soution? is there any way to get our money back, or get this working?

Is there ever going to be a solution to this problem. I’m really tired of having to re-download the program weekly… I’ve tried all of the online suggestions. Any new ideas on hos to resolve this issue?

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It is far past time for a famous blogger to bring this to light. The powers that be want to ignore our problem we need to slow their profits. I’ve had enough of this. Seems every time windows does an update or even checks to see if i need and update, I have to re-install MSFS. WTF really? The more I have to install the sooner I will have to replace my SSD. Is that how you want to treat your costumers?

Sometimes crtl+alt+delete makes the screen load up