What Canadian airport should I do next? What would you like to see? [2023 update]

I know these aren’t significant airports to the rest of the world, but personally I’d like to see Summerside (CYSU) and Charlottetown (CYYG). I can’t imagine these ever being considered by Asobo!

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Please consider Oliver and Penticton airports together for short GA plane trips

Love your work ! CYYT would get my votes

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CYBW Springbank would be great!


YWG, YYT or YXE would be nice!

YYC and YEG would be great too, but I thing FSimStudios is currently working on themm at the moment (no release date).

I think FlyTampa said they are currently working on YUL, but said nothing about a release date.

From FSimStudios on Facebook


What about poor old Victoria (YYJ). There have been a number of improvements and upgrades over the last few years to Canada’s 11th busyiest airport and the gateway to Vancouver Island gets no love. :frowning:



Oh, and maybe Abbotsford (YXX) and Comox (YQQ) would be nice too. :slight_smile:


Calgary please!

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Calgary, Winnipeg, Sault, or St. John’s would be awesome. Hoping some more of the larger airports start to come out soon.

Sault is an exception because some family lives near there, but I like the bigger airports usually

Personally, I’m waiting for someone to do Downsview (CYZD). Probably a small market for it but would definitely purchase if someone makes on par with romandesign quality!

AFAIK Downsview is a closed airport to general traffic and is operated (almost) exclusively by Bombardier… I may be wrong…

I believe you are 100% correct. I see it out my window and I walk my dog at Downsview Park. Hence my bias.
Keep up the good work Roman. Looking forward to enjoying more of your products in the future.

Downsview is officially closed now. Bombardier has started moving out. They had a open house to signal the closure. Everything is moving to Pearson, should be completed next year. Then the dozers come in.

CYXX (Abbotsford) gets my vote

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How about the Comox Valley Airport (Canadian Forces Base Comox) CYQQ? I flew into it yesterday and I was surprised as to the lack of buildings, etc., in MSFS. The airport is a major hub for commercial aviation services, including flights to western Canada cities and, of course, the airport serves the RCAF and their FA-18s.

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YES… CFB Comox (CYQQ) is also home to the Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF 19 Wing. Which under the operational command of 1 Canadian Air Division. Its Aurora crews keep watch over the Pacific Ocean looking for illegal fishing, human trafficking, drugs and pollution in addition to foreign submarines. 442 Squadron also carries out search and rescue (SAR) operations throughout Search and Rescue Region (SRR) Victoria, stretching from the B.C.-Washington border to the Yukon, and from the Rocky Mountains to 1,200 km out into the Pacific Ocean. 435 Squadron’s Hercules crews also support SAR across SSR Victoria and SSR Trenton. Members of 418 Squadron train aircrew and maintainers on the CC-295 fixed wing SAR aircraft.

In addition to its operational squadrons, the Wing is home to 19 Air Maintenance Squadron and a national training school—the Canadian Forces School of Search and Rescue (CFSSAR). 19 Wing also supports cadet training at the Regional Cadet Gliding School (Pacific) and HMCS Quadra sea cadet camp.

Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/air-force/corporate/wings/19-wing.html

Operation aircraft include:

  • CP-140 Aurora (P3 Orion)
  • CC-130H Hercules (recently replaced the old DHC-5 Buffalo)
  • CH-149 Cormorant (AgustaWestland AW101)

Plus Comox internation airport sees comercial traffic from WestJet, Air Canada, and Pacific Coastal.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this… And CYYJ because its my home base.


Since Downsview (CYZD) is highly unlikely, my selfish second choice would be St. Catherines (CYSN) due to its proximity to Toronto and the Niagara region. Just another airport I fly in and out of a lot in Flight Sim.
Looking forward to hearing whatever project you choose to work on next.

and CYYJ

Yes, please.

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CYPR - For that flight up the coast from Washington state into Alaska along the coast.

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