What CPU should I buy?



I want to ask for help. I want to put a new computer together. What processor do you recommend? I am designing an RTX 3070-3080 video card. I don’t want the CPU to be weak …

Thanks for the help

Maybe the upcoming Intel Core i9-12900K?


I plan to buy an Intel Core i7 11700K processor. What are your opinions?

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After doing a few Bottleneck calculation, the Intel Core i7-11700K has about 5.8% bottleneck when paired with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080.

Instead, if you opted for a higher CPU but one generation behind, the Intel Core i9-10900K, you would have only 0.2% bottleneck with that GPU.

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Which processor wouldn’t be a problem?

Intel Core i9-10900K with 32 GB of RAM at 3800 MHz should be a sweet spot.

I agree. I have the i9 10900k and an rtx 3090. I run the cpu with a light overclocked at 5.1ghz on all cores and it’s rock solid and stays at under 50C all the time while playing MSFS in a high airflow case, lots of fans and a decent AIO cooler. The GPU is around 65-70C. Cpu average usage is less than 50%, GPU at 75% when in VR on a G2 headset. The game is not optimized so 1 or 2 cores of the cpu will run at nearly 100% and be the bottleneck on an rtx 3090. With a 3080 you will be well balanced. Get a good airflow case and cooler too.


I have a Ryzen 7 3800X paired with an rtx 3060 and it doesn’t even get warm even with every cpu heavy setting on ultra … only 8 cores though however for the foreseeable future it is all that’s needed for the sim. Otherwise it’s single core performance can match that of a Ryzen 9. The original reviews marked it down as it was 105w compared to the (then) almost as powerful 3700X (65w) but a couple of bios updates later it is proving it’s mettle and the included Wraith cooler is excellent kit. I actually paid less than list price.

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Stop using bottleneck calculators. They are useless


Yup, they are such ■■■■■■■■. Do not ever go by those. ever.

They probably are… but it’s still better than making an uninformed decision. How else would you know if having an RTX 3090 paired with i3-2100 is a bad idea…


I use a combination of

  • i7-11700K

  • RTX 3070

  • 32GB 3200MHz RAM

  • MSI Z490-A Pro mainboard

  • 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD


  • 1TB SATA HDD (I don’t use it…)

  • displayed on a WQHD (2560x1440p) LG monitor

I bought this fully configured PC a few months ago for just under € 2,000 (in Germany) and got with the in-game settings everything on “high” except the terrain pre-caching which is on “ultra” and the Terrain- and Object LOD on 150 each around 50-55fps on the ground and up to 70-90fps in the air, depends on the attitude.

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Because if you are buying a 3090 without knowing that a 2100 is a ■■■■ CPU then you should not own a 3090.

At higher resolutions, the CPU because less of a burden, so anything 8700k upwards @ 4k with a 3090 will not hinder it. An 11700k will be absolutely fine.

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If budget matters, a Ryzen 5800X is the best you can buy for MSFS.
Otherwise wait for the release of Intel 12th series.

You look at benchmarks for your usecases from a reliable source.

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Honestly, if you want good advice then don’t use this forum. Go to reddit/buildapc or something similar. The tech knowledge on this forum is abysmal.


I am grateful to everyone who described their opinions and experiences. The experience of the simulator community is very important to me.

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Depends on budget, if you can save a few shillings on a cpu that’s unlikely to ever be maxed out with this sim you can put them towards a better gpu or NVme, fast ram etc. where it can really make a difference

Pretty much this.

Intel will release new gen in the next 2 months. I d wait for that and get i7 or even i5… i9 will be useless waste of money. The sim is always limited by the main thread and the new processor should offer a good improvement in single core performance.

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And of course the new intel cpu will require a new mobo too as the socket is different so it’s a whole rebuild for folks rather than just plugging in a new cpu/repaste the coooer/etc. the price of progress I suppose.