What device can I use for mfs2020 to run the game perfectly

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This man needs to be burnt at the stake.

A pay to fly heretic. :grin:


I still haven’t managed to burn out my RTX 2060 (yet) and MSFS looks/performs great on a combo of high/ultra DLSS + DLDSR @ 2k & VR.

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This would definitely run it without lag.

All jokes aside, you might have realised by now that there is no perfect device. It’s always a balancing act. Even if you find a PC that runs MSFS perfect today, no body knows if with another update, that perfectness will vanish. It even depends on having a steady internet connection. Plus you all add-ons and other tweaks / external programs and there’s so many variables that even a supercomputer cannot run it perfectly. Having all that said, you can get a decent PC and customize the game settings to have a near perfect experience. That’s certainly doable. And no, that does not need to have a RTX4090 or a 13900K/7950X3D. These are good to have because they are the best of the available consumer device, but you should buy according to your budget.

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Similar system and same conclusions here!

That’s why I’ve started referring to this as part simulator, part benchmark software. Always tinkering to find the best compromise of settings.

I heard they gave it a go on the quantum computer they have in the basement of Fort Meade,

But it had a CTD.

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This is my modest system and it runs well 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700KF 3.60 GHz 32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable) RTX3070Ti. Win 11 Dev mode. 40 inch 1920 x1080 tv/monitor. all settings ultra. DLSS super res and DLAA, AMD sharping at 150. TOD 400 object level at 195. get around 60 frames in low areas and around 30 busy aussie airports. I use some NVIDIA control panel settings as well Antialiasing x16. Hope this helps. I do have issues like most folks but you dont need to spend millions to have fun.

ie A a very health Bank Account … smooth does not come cheap.

Then once you have it all running “smoothly:”, you will probably want to start making your flying non-smooth, with a 6 DOF Motion Platform…


Then you will want some Hardware Instruments, and start building a Home Cockpit.

Moral: Be careful what you wish for !!
Once you start down this path, its a long expensive road, with no (F)light at the end of the tunnel.

But a FUN ride !!

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Getting a PPL is cheaper!

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True – its not so much the getting it – but to make it worth getting, you need to use it … that the long term expense.

Start looking for good people to make friends with – who own plane !