What did you do in MFS today - Flight Sim Squadron edition

I thought I’d start a thread on posting updates on mods we’ve done recently and for others who might be interested in sharing photos / videos of flights done with our mods too.

Or to tag us if others release any videos with our mods so we’re aware (seems like we’re always the last to know sometimes) :slight_smile:

So today, we updated the F-16 with the following:

  • HUD!!!
  • New Cockpit
  • Thruster Control
  • Flaps
  • 2 Dashboards
  • Did I mention HUD!!!
  • Rain effects internal


  • Ailerons
  • Rudder
  • Elevator
  • Gears
  • Exhaust FX
  • Rain effects external


Some more info here - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2021/02/21/f-16-major-update/

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Added custom sounds to the deLorean:

More info at Custom sounds for deLorean - Sci-Fi by EggMan28

Animated the deLorean windshield wipers for fun :slight_smile:

Testing “The Falcon”

Added Mig31 Firefox

More info at https://flightsimsquadron.com/2021/02/28/mig-31-firefox/

“Let’s see what this baby can do” :slight_smile:

Added Dragon Ball Flyer


Added Carl’s House from “Up”


Made a compilation video of our Hot Air Balloons:

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