What did you do in MFS today?

ESTF to ENTO with Robin. Nice to do old school VOR-navigation. And thanks to add on makers for improving these small airfields!

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Launch the scenery editor and correct taxiways, taxiways signs + upgrade my 2nd home base airport.


Added a Trabant for fun today :slight_smile: More info at Flying Trabant – FLIGHTSIM SQUADRON


doing an around the world in the trusty TBM, using Orbx’s new flight-tracker Volanta(still in beta) here’s a link to the thread: NEW: Around the World, feat. Daher TBM 930 & Volanta by Orbx

Happy Flying! :airplane: :smiley:


ctds and old memory now?

Not my usual video this time, recorded earlier, timelapse style at Heathrow online


I’m still continuing my journey around the world that I started basically on release - today flying out of Libreville along the West African coast in VR, listening to Gabonian web radio. Weather is still buggy (showing thunderstorms where there are none), but apart from that, I think I’ve found my perfect relaxing mode now that VR is in.


I’m going to fly the routes the Top Gear Team took on their specials, first up is the Vietnam special, I have plotted the route in Little Nav Map and will be taking in the sites from the air, next will be the source of the Nile special :slight_smile: All done in the Icon A5


Don’t suppose you’d care to share the flightplans would you? It’s the kind of thing I’m enjoying doing at the moment - currently Route 66 in USA.

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Top Gear Vietnam.lnmpln (3.5 KB)

I’ll send the African flight plan when I have worked out the route :slight_smile:

This is the saved plan that Little Nav Map uses

Many thanks!

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No worries :slight_smile:

Didn’t seem to be a destination airport and LNM gets a bit uppity so I’ve added nearby Catbi VVCI. Looking forward to flying it!

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Yes MSFS needs a start and destination airport for it’s own internal flight plan, I’m only using Little Nav Map for navigation and following it’s street map whilst flying (hand flying), it gives more freedom when flying in VFR. The end destination is the drinks bar that they landied at in the converted motor bikes, not sure if it will be in the sim though, maybe just as a texture.

No, ICING!!! :joy:


Icing is fun… Cheers!


The only icing I like is on top of a tasty bun :slight_smile:


Purchased and Installed NaviGraph.
ZAPPED all the MSFS airport files in an attempt to correct the ILS & LDA runway alignment issues… ( risky move, but nothing like “GOING FOR IT” — kinda worked …)
Have all weekend to re-install MSFS if i messed it up !!!

It beats the ctds he was having.


I finished my second WWT yesterday.

98,681 NM
376.5 hours flown
Average flight: 416 NM
Average Speed: 262
Landings: 236
Personal Landing Grade Average: 8.96 (0 to 10)
Countries: 228