What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 1)

Sunrise over Gulf Islands, BC


Checked out Hiroshima yesterday. A creator, FreakyD has been building up several cities in Japan, Hiroshima being one of them. I’ve been there twice, so seeing familiar buildings and streets is the draw of this game. So looking forward to the coming of helicopters.


The add on you are referring to is Self-Loading Cargo. Its an old one but still fun, in fact it’s a hoot when things get rowdy in the back. Link below. There is a video on it too.

Self-Loading Cargo

Heading down the West Coast of Africa. Angola Big Skies:


Are those Tundra tires?!
BTW very cool-I’ve flown a 172 over those islands a few times in real life.

yes they are.
got the mod here:

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Tested my new Ryzen 9 5900X CPU, I am finally happy with the performance in every possible scenario.


Took my Cessna Citation Longitude to 40,000 feet… because I can.



On my South-American tour.

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Flying over Hoover Dam, I notice I had two (one the USA update and the creator-developed app); after I removed the CDA, I came back and did a check flight and landing into Boulder. Nice airport.


Did a IFR flight from EGPN to EGLC (both ORBX) in Carenado Seminole. Was too busy with setting up the approach and managing speed and altitude to take screenshots of the newly updated ORBX London City addon.

Runway 27 ILS approach via LCY transition was auto-assigned by AI ATC. Autopilot did a great job and it’s probably thanks to the GNS 530/430 mod by ScorpionFilm422 there was no unexpected u-turns or stupidity (at least this time around).


Checked out a place I hadn’t seen in many years, 70 to be exact. Wanted to see how the place in Korea where we had fought a battle had changed. The location is near Fusan, so I took off from there. Using current maps and documentation from the period I found it by flying north following the Naktong river. When I felt I had the location, I paused and ran the drone. The place is still recognizable when you compare to the map of the battle and photo of the Marines passing the wrecked tanks.



Wow. Just wow.

In a documentary about the building of MSFS 2020 someone said 70% of us “fly home”.

Well me too.

I went home too although I must say the representation of my house was a little dissappointing.

Also I vistited several places in the world that I had visited and at most it was a struggle to be sure I was in the right place. I found the “FS Map Tool” (Search for that in the Play Store) for my Android phone a great help in finding my way to places.

What I would like for Chistmas is another plugin/App/Facility where you just enter your address and a little runway appears outside your house and one can input a pic or two and suddenly ones home looks a little closer to reality.

Even more towards the world of Fantasy rather than Reality … how about a little runway near near the top of Mount Blanc or a servive to put a little semi transparent runway right over ones house with a lift. Just enter your post code?

Guess however I will just need to learn to add runways etc myself, I have seen it can be done.

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Completed leg #23 on my cross US tour and flew across NYC on my way to Teterboro.


Tried out a creator livery for Mokulele on the Caravan. Just a short hop for Honolulu to Maui.

Noticed another creator livery I installed, used by the sim for ai traffic. Nice touch, MSFS2020.


So the question was

So, what about you? What did you do in MFS today?

I’ll tell you.

  1. Downloaded the recent update for 20 minutes
  2. Waited for the game to download an airport I bought for 45 minutes (hell why does this take so long, my connection is fast, not slow)
  3. Waited for the game to load the departure airport / the start of the flight
  4. Did all the checklists, all the ATC communication, loaded baggage, catering, fuel, everything.
  5. Taxied halfway around the airport
  6. Initiated takeoff only to find out that
  7. The autopilot doesn’t work :slight_smile:
  8. ALT+F4ed out of the game, I’m really angry and fed up.

And this has happened so many times with this piece of software, it frustates me again and again, it’s wasting my time…

Continued learning FS, especially the AP in my Cessna Longitude. Stuck with only a keyboard and mouse till Friday; so, relying on the much-flawed co-pilot, but working in as much personal control possible without crashing. Downloaded matching liveries for the three aircraft my little airline owns (King 350, CJ4, and Longitude). Flew my Longitude from Heathrow to Logan International (did take off and landing manually). It was a full day :slight_smile:

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Bought the M20R, 30 minutes in CTD. Seems to happen every time I fly now. Rebooted the sim, see the update screen… but its not an update. It is re installing the whole sim. wow. From what I saw in 30 minutes the M20R looks good, didn’t get to land it though.

flew across Bremerhaven port… nice free add-on