What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 2)

Beautiful flight from Sao Paulo to Rio.
Besides it’s initial teething issues the FSS E175 is certainly growing on me as favorite.


Late afternoon hand flown flight from Bordeaux(LFBD) to Porto(LPPR), Iris PC-21, live weather.


Messing with the miltech wold carriers add on with the halo pelican :slight_smile:

Due to the fact we don’t have any navy trainers or the greyhound


We have the hawk.


I’ll have to check it out then


SSW SF-206 Crosswind Landing


Using real weather and real time usually offers better weather graphics with fog and haze.

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I pre-flew to M93 Houston Co. TN for a breakfast run with my wife.
It truly felt as though I’d been there before.
Here’s the approach. Runway 26.
Edit: Sim and IRL


Germany wheather


So in Czechia the weather was better. Just few clouds, but a bit windy. I continued the Czech route bush trip in WB-Sim C172: LKCS :airplane: LKNO
I wanted to finish in Prague, but at Částkovice airport first 2 approaches were quite bad and I had to 2 go around. I used full flaps, because the runway was short (1911ft), but I didn’t need to, because headwind was quite strong. After 2 go arounds I adapted, but still I had feeling that I had to flare quite a lot and it looked like steep approach. Only then I realized that the runway was sloped, so I really had to flare more. Then I realized that it’s too late to set course to Prague. So I decided to practice landings at this airport.


A few days ago I was going to take a quick short flight from the little NZA airport just west of Nelson back to Nelson but the winds were so strong and blowing in that direction that I decided to see how long it would take to fly back to Wellington – which is what I did.

had a really strong crosswind

I almost had it but then the wind started blowing me over and there was nothing I could do but ride it out.

Shouldn’t have been so high anyway. But on a completely different note: Has anyone else ever thought that maybe the code that generates whitecaps might be transferable in whole or in part to create a type of cirrus cloud? Like make one cloud colored whitecap really big in the sky? I wonder what that’d look like. Put several up there - maybe overlap some?


Try to be more fast :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:: World Record SpeedRun: Alpe-d’Huez- Courchevel F18 in six minits and 25 seconds :horse_racing:



Beavertail Lighthouse


HEMS operations in Munchen. Hope somebody gets around to building some Oktoberfest scenery.


Creeping closer to Tenerife with my Piper Turbo Arrow III. This time a leg from GMMN (Casablanca) to GMMX (Marrakesh). About an hour of flying.

Using VOR to VOR navigation this time as it’s more in-land and the landmarks are fewer. SLK to BGR, heading 200 FROM.

Photo Book

Unless I am grossly incorrectly spatially aware this town should be Settat.

The lake from “Barrage Al Massira”

Beautiful sights from high up …

Already less than 20 nm from the BGR (Benguerir) VOR.

I switch tanks every 15. Sadly after every reload of a saved game, the aircraft restarts fully fueled up:

I’m not passing these mountains today, so I’ll keep it at 5000 ft

Actually a nice airbase an Benguerir, not shown on SkyVector:

I bet this long straight road is interesting to drive on:

At Marrakesh, next flight will be over these mountains in the distance:

At Tenerife, I will finally switch it up and fly the TBM back to the Alps.



I’m back on the air and I actually have something to contribute!

I decided to fly out of LBSB, (“Sunny Beach” Airport in Bulgaria), to fly over some places I visited with the granddaughters about five or so years ago.

Bing’s representation of the area is at least 15 years old, perhaps even 20, because much of the local area within MSFS is missing and totally undeveloped, whereas IRL it has been substantially improved for the last 20 years.  (The place we stayed was built 20 years ago and I have provided Google Maps images for comparison purposes.)

Flying a Diamond DV-20 from LBSB, (a grass strip, provided as a courtesy to crop dusters?)


. . .due east, (more or less), to Nessebar, a historical island fortress from the middle ages.


Here I fly past a very famous landmark, the Windmill of Nessebar.  (The small building in the middle of the surface causeway.)


And this is what it’s supposed to look like.  (Google street-view)


Having explored Nessebar, I decided to fly back over the (Town?  City?) of Ravda, which is a pretty darn nice place to visit.


Here you can see Nessebar in the distance, just off the nose of the airplane and a major attraction, (a big aqua-park), just off to the left.

And here’s a closer view of the aqua-park.


Here’s Google’s view of the same place.  The aqua-park is in the top center, and the place we stayed at while we were there, (the Ravda Cascades), in the lower center.


Here’s the same place as viewed in-flight.  Note that there is just a teeny-tiny bit of detail missing. :wink:


And, to top it all off, here’s my (carefully staged), landing picture back at LBSB.


Truth be told, the landing seriously stank, I overshot once and when I DID get back on the ground, (facing the opposite way), I overran the runway and drove the plane all over the fields off the end of the runway.  To preserve at least a semblance of dignity, I turned around, drove back to the airport, parked, and THEN took the picture.  :man_facepalming: :rofl:


Started flying the ATR again, it was a while ago since I was flying the PMDG over and over. Now looking into the ATR again. I’ll post a older video, great price for what you get in my opinion.


P.s. I’m working on new ATR videos.


Detroit to Minneapolis. FL380 over Milwaukee. This town has certainly seen its share of visitors.

Couple miles out of Minne.

On the ground in Minneapolis. Super busy airport made for a super glitchy approach again. :confused: I get to log two landings on this one apparently. :slight_smile:


Teesting a new carrier in Ny: