What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 2)

This is cool topic.

Today while taxi on an international airport. Some yellow car crossed my path and just sited in front of my propeller.
I fixed it by walking out to him roleplaying giving him a landing fee.
Than he rolled out. And I was free to continue taxi.


I had an itch to get a flying boat so grabbed the Goose in the sale. Probably one of the more beautifully modeled 3rd party planes I own tbh, especially from the external view. Really nice.


Juno to Anchorage completing Alaskan flight 65’s milk run route but instead of using a 737 combi I used the Fokker f28 4000


It’s weird how this one worked out, so I was looking for Buddhist Temple: Wat Arun
I didn’t find it, although right across the Chao Phraya River is another Buddhist Temple: Wat Pho

In the second picture you see my travel marker at 0.39NM right beside what is a round building, that round building is supposed to be: Wat Arun. I guess they haven’t gotten around to putting it in, since the building is very different from that.


Fooled around Budapest in the L39C Albatros “Drop Bear”


EFKT - Kittila to ESPA Kallax, Sweden.

Leg Two of my journey south from Hammerfest.

Departing from Kittila at midnight let me enjoy the beautful half light all the way during my brief flight.

Trying out a new livery too.

The ‘office’…a great place to be.


On my Buddhist Temple list… Pha That Luang isn’t in the game yet. So I moved on
Todai-Ji (the very plain looking one) on my way to that I was greeted with Horyu-Ji

I then ended my flight, landing in the long grass overlooking Horyu-Ji


Went for a blast around Boston (MA) in the Pitts Special.

Manchester to Heathrow in the FSR500 (mostly to get more familiar with t’s glass cockpit.

Watched some MSFS vid’s on “The Flight Level” channel on YouTube - then ended up finding famous landmarks in the sim just for a look around with the drone.

Gave MSFS ATC a second chance on the flight to Heathrow - it was downhill all the way after takeoff… It won’t be getting a third chance.


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On my list of 8 Buddhist Temples the last 3 weren’t in the game at this point.

From that point I didn’t know what to take a picture of, but I decided to go with Sagrada Família but unsure if I want to continue these types of photos because I don’t want to offend people with religious iconography

I attempted to land in the greenery out front of the church, you can see how well that worked

Oh, and I like doing live weather, especially when it’s gloomy like these photos. I think it adds to the photo itself


Decided to move up from the Cessna 152 to the F-15E for landing practices. :wink:


Did some Alaskan ops in the Goose. It’s a cool bird, but I just hate maneuvering on water in MSFS, it’s a real downbuzz when you can’t line up with the dock as you’d like cus you seem to be at the mercy of the water gods. I need to try the “water helper” that’s built into the plane. I’m usually against using aids but in this case I think its needed.


Did a more proper full flight in VR from Budapest Liszt Ferenc (LHBP) to Venice Tessera (LIPZ) in the Hondajet. I wanted to have BeyondATC for it, but it had some error, so I ended up doing it without ATC.

Full video:


Modesto to Sacramento, with a shiny new livery. Made a good solid landing, lots of rudder work in there. Loving the bare metal look on the Comanche.


Well, I’m still stuck in the U.S desert apparently. These shots are from a little airport I think it was Bishop and first I went towards Tonopah and then northwards towards an airport thats an Asobo/MS freebee or Deluxe or Premium or something. I can’t get enough of the cool patterns and textures.


Anchorage to PAKT in the fs studios Embraer 175LR


More Goose! She looks great from every angle! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Finished the evening off with a short trip from Friday Harbour to Seattle in the Chancellor.


Middle of the night I got bored, decided to reactivate my Twitch account since I seem to do better on Twitch for views than YouTube. Anyway I saw the weekly flight listed and knowing I fly by myself I wanted to try something different and something different I did…

Same flight, but in the ICON-A5

One rule, two crashes, and I’m done… Could I make the entire distance?


Third leg of the Hammerfest to Cape Town trip in the Comanche

…and another livery to try out. I’m less keen on this one. A bit too dark, especially for screenies during the night flights I’ve been doing - plus, I do like to have my custom reg showing.

ESPA: Kallax - 12:00AM

I really noticed on this leg to Sundsvall how the night was already much darker than on the previous two legs as I head South. I always fly these trips using the actual date and only adjust time if I want to experience something specific - in this case, the midnight sun.

All shot at the same time, just differing views.

Just parked up on Ramp 1A at Sundsvall (ESSN) for the night, maybe an earlier flight tomorrow so I can see out of the window…and admire a different and more shiny livery.


I quite like the black livery , but maybe with just the red stripe without the blue ?

It’s a certainly a good quality livery (the interior has the lower, thin strip, instrument panel in red which contrasts very well against the black panel above it.) I should give it a bit longer and some daylight flying time to be fair. Plus, as much as I like my custom registration this livery is based on an actual aircraft so I should take that into account too - I should also give credit to the maker, Ron Attwood on Flightsim.to.