What do I do after landing?

You can make the logbook predictable by turning on the objectives in the topbar. It tells you exactly what to do. If you follow the instructions a logbook entry will be created. However … in some cases it is impossible to comply to the instructions. For example, you want to taxi to parking, but the sim thinks you want to take off again. For me, this method leads to predictable results. YMMV.

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@corvus5624 - yes, I just had that situation a few minutes ago. I landed at an airport in a small town where I used to live in the 80’s … and after I landed it was insisting that I needed to contact ATC to take off again. When I parked and turned off the engine, it said “you can’t contact ATC for departure unless the engine is running”!

Or if the parking is unavailable…
Or if it is an unimproved airstrip…
Or if at an uncontrolled airport with no parking spots modelled…
Or if you had Provolone on your grilled cheese…

Just log the time up/time down with a departure point and an arrival point. I would have thought that was pretty simple coding compared to “P-Factor Effects”.
Pretty sure a safe takeoff followed by a safe landing are the only “Objectives” required to make the REQUIRED (by law) entry into my logbook.

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The point is the sim still needs to have a method of detecting whether you have landed or not, and where. That’s one of the bits of their method that needs finessing, but certainly not the only one.

For example, if I taxi off the runway at an untowered airfield, and shutdown, it logs correctly. If however I taxi off the runway, and find a parking spot, for those that have the, then shutdown, it he log says I was in the vicinity. This does not happen at towered airports, though, but it’s that inconsistency in the logic which is annoying.

If I do what I know the sim expects, I always get the logs I expect. Except that isn’t always realistic. You don’t shutdown your aircraft and walk away with it still on the taxiway just off the runway. But if you don’t, then your logs are either wrong, or not logged at all.

I even had one case where it didn’t log, and I ended up taking off, entering the pattern, then landing again, just to trigger the correct sequence of events to get the flight to log.

I went up to practice night landings. Uncontrolled airport. Made all my radio calls on MF and did about 10 circuits. Each one a full stop. When I taxied off and called clear of the active I parked and shut down. Log book showed 2 take offs and 1 landing, departing CYDQ (has a parking spot with a marshal) and arriving “vicinity” CYXJ (50 miles away). I would call that an anomaly.

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Yes closed circuit patterns are indeed very much a miscount waiting to happen. I don’t think that has ever worked for me, regardless of the airport environment.
I too would have thought that each “airport” simply has a certain area applied to it and as long as you land inside that area FS counts a landing. But that at this point does not seem to work.

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@CasualClick - Perfect, thanks!
What I was missing was:

  • After landing, use ‘scroll lock’ to open the ATC panel
  • Contact Ground Control and request taxi to parking
  • Follow blue ribbon, which now directs to proper area. There will be a box that turns green once you are parked inside it. (if you don’t make the request from ground control, the blue ribbon takes you somewhere else, which was my primary problem.)
  • CTRL-SHIFT-E to shut down engine
  • Switch off Avionics/Battery Master (will be different for each plane)

These are the ‘checklist items’ I was missing. Except for the strange cases that others have noted, this seems to work reliably.

I’m doing complete IFR flights with decent landings and get credit for about 10% of them if I’m lucky. I’ve tried everything. Parking at gate. Parking away from gate. Talk to ground. Not talk to ground. Major International airports and smaller airports. There seems to be no rhyme or reason at all to define a landing. Once I was tired, flying at night, found a small but big enough airstrip in the middle of nowhere, managed to land the 320 in pitch black (no runway lights at all,) using the VFR map to guide myself in, turned off the runway, shut down engines, and bam, got a night landing credit. Makes no sense or pattern that I can decipher. Feel like pure luck.

It isn’t luck. Leave the Objectives window open, and it will show you at what stage your flight is at. This may assist in working out why your landings are not being logged. It will show you what the sim expects of you to move on to the next stage.

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So, I couldn’t read through all these posts, and I saw several that said what’s required almost correctly…

It’s not about turning off the Avionics master switch.
Turning off the Master Electrical switch will normally bring up the log book end of flight page.

The thing is, you need also to have landed at the runway you said you would in the flight planning page, and parked in the correct parking spot. That will bring up the log book page most of the time (not always). I have never seen the log book record a touch and go landing, or any landings I may make at other airports along the way. It seems like the only definitiion of a landing the software recognizes is the last landing you make.

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For me, all I need to do is shut off the fuel, then turn off the avionics. I don’t even need to flip the Master or battery switches.

Rush, I’ve been following this issue for over a month and have similar problems. I’ve performed dozens of flights successfully, including in the alpha (not new to this), but have TWO entries in my logbook, one of which never presented an end flight option. Unfortunately despite the repeated insistence that because it works for some it works for all, it does seem to be a hit-and-miss function for many that are precisely following the prescribed steps.

It will almost certainly come around in one update or another; until then my logbook will be quite short!

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Did an MSO-LAS flight after work today, 320 IFR. Oddly the ILS was off about a runway’s width but killed AP and got her in, gate parked, engines off, and no landing. On a positive note, the weather was windy and it was having many realistic turbulence episodes (not the usual wobble problem,) which was exciting for a change. Here’s hope to the next update giving us some landing credits.

Actually since Update 6 it seems the Avionics switch is the one that has to be turned off. The Battery Master can remain on as far as I have seen.

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Yeah, even before that, my shut down process is pull my fuel lever fully back, then flip the Avionics switch on my Logitech switch panel. Those two actions are all that’s needed as long as other conditions are met, as seen in the Objectives window.

That said, you can also shutdown master/batt, and fuel cut-off, and not touch avionics, as that also shuts down avionics.

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I’ve certainly got one flight (take-off, touch-and-go then landing) which was logged as one take-off and two landings - I can’t remember whether there were several airports involved, though. Also when I end a planned flight while still in the air it is often logged (as a takeoff only, of course), the end point being a “vicinity” grading.

The whole thing seems to be without rhyme and reason - I’ve nearly reached my 100 flight hours, but I’ve probably actually done twice that.

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That was really the point of me creating the post in another thread, an attempt to de-mystify the process, and illustrate that there are logical reasons for what happens, even if you may not agree with them.

If something is not being logged, it’s probably because the next stage of your flight has not triggered.

I have observed that it is is capable of skipping over steps. For example, last night I took off but deliberaly did not interact with ATC. I did follow through the motions though, taxxing to what I believed to be the active runway, holding short for a few seconds, then lining up, accelerating, and taking off.

When I was in the air, either a certain height, or distance from the runway is met, and it jumped from, I think “Use ATC to request taxi clearance”, which is exactly what I didn’t do so that makes sense, in rapid succession all the way to, I think, “Follow on-screen waypoints to navigate”. In the Objectives window you could see it advancing through the process, the next objective appearing, turning green, and the next appearing below that.

At some point in that process a “0”, gets turned into a “1”, and if you skip over, or somehow subvert that process, an landing/takeoff does not get logged.

Thanks @FlyingsCool5650 - it actually doesn’t seem to care if you land on the wrong runway. The step I was missing when I created this thread was that I wasn’t contacting ground services to request ‘taxi to gate’ or ‘taxi to parking’. I was just following the blue ribbon to wherever it ended - and doing it that way does NOT finish the flight. But now that I have figured that out, it seems to work consistently for me now … even if I land on the wrong runway (I just did this again last night by accident)

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But this is the disconnect in Asobo’s process - not every airport (even medium/large Class Charlie airports in the US) give you the option to request “taxi to parking” or “taxi to gate.” KBNA (Nashville) where I often fly only gives you the option to request taxi instructions for takeoff after landing, even after a multi-hour IFR flight that you’ve planned in the sim.

Prior to patch 6, the blue taxi ribbon would often take you to the cargo ramp across the field from the passenger terminal. After patch 6 the ribbon at least takes you to a gate, but still no option to request directions over the Ground frequency from ATC. On the other hand, all of my patch 6 landings have been properly recorded, so at least there’s that.

Now all of this experience has been prior to today’s patch. We’ll see what happens tonight.

@LameLefty - I actually did run across this myself yesterday. I tried a trip from Narita Airport in Japan and just randomly selected an airport that was about a half-hour away. There were a few things about the airport that seemed incorrect when I got there - including the runway altitude. I actually took off and landed three different times, and it wouldn’t give me the option to ask for ground services. I finally took off, clicked “Nearest Airports” under the ATC panel, and requested a landing at another nearby airport. This one was much smaller - with a grass runway - but when I landed, everything was fine. I asked for taxi to parking, and got the log entry. Funny enough, it did log four take off and landings for the trip!