What do y'all think of the node-based particle effects?

This week’s update was exciting, as we all know. The team mentioned that the SDK was getting a node-based particle system.
This is huge; it means we get particle effects! Brake smoke, contrails, vortices on wingtips, every particle effect imaginable.
So what do you think? Will Asobo implement these, or since it’s in the SDK only for now, will a 3rd party dev do it?


If you add or move this to the wish list forum and it gets enough up-votes it might make it onto the implementation road map. Smoke, contrails, etc. would be a great addition.


Great idea! How would I move it?

I don’t think we have the ability to move our own posts but I’ve seen the mods move them. You could just delete this one and re-create it over in the wish list forum.

Yeah, I created a new post there. Thanks anyways

Where are you seeing these updates?

is wake turbulence considered as a node based particle effect ?

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The particle system was mentioned in this weeks Development Update

We are developing a brand new node-based particles effects system, which is an exciting addition to the simulator all-up.

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They probably have already developed it for missions (fire etc.) and is opening up the SDK access to 3rd parties.

They cannot launch current version of MSFS on XBox because it’s lacking single player contents with objectives. They need to launch with missions and if the my guess is right, it would launch around the same time as XBox Series X which is in late November. By this timeline, they will have to begin internal QA testing in late October which means the functionality has to be ready by now and there’s about 1-2 months to script missions. I would say it’s highly likely that there will be community insider testing again in November.

Just my 2c