What do you fly the most?

Hey captains and first officers!

What aircraft do you fly the most in MSFS? What route(s) is most common? Why?
Personally, I like flying Boeing aircraft the most, typically the 787-10. I’ll probably fly Airbus more once the A380X by FBW is released :wink:


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I fly light planes mostly… The Just Planes PA28’s most of the time, but sometimes I fly bigger stuff.

I don’t get a kick from big jets, I like to fly low and enjoy the scenery. Not much to see at FL350.


Cessna 152 with this mod…

As for routes generally all over SoCal on VATSIM under VFR and IFR. As to why? SoCal is a GA hotspot!


For VFR flights, I mostly use the freeware Vertigo conversion of the VL-3. It can land at 50 kts and is able to cruise at over 300 kts. Incredibly versatile.
For old fashioned IFR flights , my favorite is the PMDG DC-6 without the GPS. VOR and NDB navigation only.
All other IFR flights are with X-Plane.


FBW A320, followed by the 787. For VFr I like the Cessna 172 steam gauges.

And as to where… I fly all over the world! I love spinning the globe and picking two random airports and just going for it. MSFS scenery is amazing no matter where you are


I fly only the
Aerosoft CRJ 700.

Peter / LSZH


That’s another great plane! I flew that exclusively for weeks and intend to return to it soon

Short Trip, airport hopping = King Air: little more involved than the TBM but still very fast and can get into a lot of airports.

Instrument Practice = Working Title CJ4: Best freeware systems by far. Performance is also great for simulating some airliner aspects of flying without being too much of a pig. Very versatile.

Medium Distance/Instrument = FBW A320: Never used to like the Airbus but FBW has done such a great job implementing this aircraft! I find myself flying this more and more.

Circuit/Landing Practice = FBW A320 or Salty 747: Probably what I do most often during week days. When I don’t have time to do a full trip after work, I could just fire these up and get a couple of takeoffs and landings in the span of an hour. Keeping things “current” so to speak.

Goofing around = Vertigo: this thing is ridiculous. Love it.

Common Routes: I almost always fly different routes when I’m by myself. I like unfamiliar airports, especially ones with slightly unusual procedures. So I could spend the time during cruise figuring out the charts. The 747 needs quite a bit of planning ahead, which is a nice challenge.

However for circuit practice in the jets I usually do them at: LFBO for the 320, CYVR for the 747 .

I fly Neofly missions most of the time so use the Cessna 208 since it’s just a big truck and can carry lots of pax and cargo and can get in and out of most airports easily.

Next would be the CJ4, although I just started using the XCub for some of those really short field emergency missions.

Love the Steam version 172 and tours of NYC

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I fly for a VA, so I do a variety of routes. I don’t typically fly airliners, and I’m more interested in private or business aircraft. I probably fly the CJ4 and the Longitude the most. I’m patiently waiting for more business jets. I’ve recently been trying out the FBW A320 with a corporate livery and treated as the ACJ (A319 Airbus Corporate Jet) and the CRJ-700 with a private livery being treated as a Challenger 8 by my airline.

Otherwise, I fly smaller aircraft around central and eastern North Carolina, pretending to fly to visit my family and friends, or go other places around me.

I like to simulate JetBlue, Southwest flights the most because Rochester International KROC is my home international Airport and when I was little I was a little mad we never flown anywhere on Southwest or JetBlue because those airlines flew the bigger jets back then so I always enjoy GA flying regional aircraft, and anything up to the 737 size

The DA62 with the “X” performance mod for shorter runs, and the TBM for longer runs or when icing is expected are my go-to planes. As for where, I love to do island hopping runs either around the Caribbean or Hawaii, but I also do some regional runs in the Lower 48. I tend to use smaller airports, like Dallas Love instead of DFW, since in the real world, those larger airports usually have ridiculous landing fees. Another fun scenario is the “$100 Hamburger” run. Dalhart (KDHT) is supposed to have one of the best. I’ve even been to that airport when I was in town visiting family, but sadly, the diner was closed…


Here are my favourites so far:

  1. Turbo Arrow
  2. Another Turbo Arrow :slight_smile:
  3. King Air
  4. C208
  5. C172

Mostly fly the A320 on European or North American routes.

Also fly the SR22 and BN2 Islander and have toured places such as New Zealand, Madagascar, Mongolia and Oman.

I only fly Airbus exclusively, so for now I fly the FBW A32NX the most… with occassional ProjectMegaPack A330-300 for long-haul flights.

I’m waiting for the FlyByWire A380X and the A350 from either DigitalFlightDynamics’ freeware or Sim4Flight’s payware…

I removed all the other aircrafts in the sim (except for the TBM 930 and the Cessna 172, since they’re part of the mandatory base content that cannot be removed) , and force the Asobo A320 to become the generic traffic for the Live Traffic models.

Although I primarily fly the FBW 320, I do keep flying other aircraft from the sim too just for variety.

35 hours and counting in the JustFlight PA28R Arrow III. Great little plane.


MB-339 and Spitfire

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Changes all the time. Currently

  1. JF Arrow III
  2. DC Stearman
  3. JP C152
  4. DC F-14 Tomcat
  5. Big Radials Nieuport 17
  6. Noriega’s Caproni C-22