What happen to the sound?

just did the latest update… now i got now sound on any of the planes all i hear is the outdoors of the outside wind no airplane sounds none no Jets anything whats going on? please need a fix

Same thing happened to me. I had sounds from clicking the menu, but no sound from the aircraft.

Reboot fixed it.


Thanks ill try that :+1:

WOW thank you that worked i reboot the PC got all the sounds back Cool thanks for the quick respond good looing out safe flying :+1:

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This happened to me again. All sounds working, then after spawning in the aircraft no sound. I wonder if there is a better fix than a reboot?

I was having this last night. I had to keep resetting the sound source in the Windows task tray every time I launched a new flight.

I thought mine was related to VR settings.

There is a bug report that you can vote on here:

[VR] Sound not working after jumping out of VR - Bugs & Issues / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I am also getting sound loss. It happens after using external camera mode or after skipping a section of flight.
Nothing to do with VR tho as I’m on Xbox.
Anyone else having same issue with xbox or anyone know what’s causing it?

There was also a new setting added in the update that allows one to select their sound device. There is a thread on here in the beta section mentioning to select the actual sound device being used as opposed to leaving it at default. Might want to make sure your proper sound device is selected in FS11 Sound Settings.

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