What happened to ATC?

What happened to ATC? I am not hearing the pilot at all this am….

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Working fine here, or at least as good as usual :wink:

Out of interest are you using the A310? (There is an ongoing issue with this aircraft with regards to ATC not being heard discussed in the official feedback thread for the A310)

If not, which aircraft and is the volume turned up on the VHF box? Can you hear replies only if the volume is turned up?

The ATC audio issue has been especially bad since SU11. It’s the same ATC audio bug that started with SU5 whenever Azure resources are overloaded, whether it’s loss of pilot voice, copilot voice, controller, or other aircraft voices.

Asobo has never fixed it and has done nothing I have seen except log the bug.


I can confirm ATC drops on A310. But that could be a red herring as it’s the only aircraft I’ve done IFR in since SU11 dropped.
So not sure if it’s A310, SU11 or Azure that is dropping ATC. Completely silent ATC (but not pilot) about 1hr in to a 2hr flight this morning.
I never used to see the old ATC bug as I switched to doing manual ATC(no copilot) because of it… So this is the first time that it has been completely silent for me. It’s very annoying and completely destroys the whole sim experience.
Hard to believe it is Azure as Azure always does the pilots voice ok.

I can confirm that the current beta does not address this issue and it is not limited to the new A310 it happens with the a320 the Boeing 747 almost everywhere

This happened to me flying the DC-3 a couple of times yesterday too. I could hear ATC but I could not hear my responses even though I saw the text of the response in the ATC window.

I’ve been wondering if the popularity of FSLTL / AIG etc in recent weeks has caused a surge in “traffic” being produced in MSFS which has in turn overloaded the servers, causing these ATC and connection problems. If that’s the case then I hope MSAsobo is aware.

I have the same issue, no matter which plane I am flying, initially the conversations goes well, but after some time it is not working, I have to keep the ATC window opened and to see when ATC is talking, practically the message appears but nothing on speakers. What I am quite sure is that has started after 40th Anniversary update. Before was ok. Initially I suspected strength of the internet, but playing offline has the same problem. I have check in settings, I was thinking that some changings is needed but I nothing found to change in favor. If someone managed to fix this pls let us know, or maybe would be fix it with the next update.

I have experienced exactly the same issue since SU11. Usually ATC starts OK, but then I lose the audio from ATC, or my pilot voice. Sometimes the written instructions remain, but in the wrong order with the early communications shown first, and newer comms having to be scrolled into view. Basically ATC is now significantly worse than before and there seems no sign that Microsoft have any serious interest in fixing it.

I cannot even get the radio and ATC to work or for that matter the Navigation systems or Autopilot. I get a message saying that plane is not connected to power.

Then connect it to power/turn batteries on. Problem solved…

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Thanks but I don’t think was the problem. I have since reinstalled all of the software and surprise suppose it all works perfectly now.

My current issue with ATC is after you land. They’ll tell you to contact ground at a frequency, then all it shows is GROUND SERVICE, then you hit that and it’s back to BACK TO CLEARANCE.