What has happened to the 787 flightmodel

I have been flying this aircraft since the release of the sim and it is one of my favorites. Lately (since the last update) I can’t seem to climb above 27,000ft anymore in the 787. See video link


I have conducted a series of tests using the FMC and VNAV and LNAV and then disengaging Auto pilot. The speed drops significanty and erractically once you hit around FL260 and even though the throttles are at full and the climb is relatively gentle the speed drops and the aircraft hangs at low speed near a stall not being able to climb any higher.

The weight and balance of the aircraft are all standard eg 50% fuel and good CofG.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

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There is a temperature bug , the outside temp goes to 249 Degrees C , at FL 245 and above

Then you have NO performance and the plane falls out of the sky … When they are going to fix this only the Gods know …

Happy flying below FL 230 , its a shame thought , this sim is becoming Star Citizen , its never going to work as promised …


I am having the same issue when flying with the 787. Then I tried the Airbus 320 and the same issue arises.

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I have just had the same issue with the 747


I have the same issue now :frowning: what suddenly happen. Did they do a minor change and not informed us? I cannot fly any aircraft now.

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I have the same since this morning in the FBW A320 cant climb past FL250 without falling out of the sky

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LOL @ that plane at the end :smiley:


I know. When I get a chnace to post it, its going to end up here The Weird world of MSFS - Sometimes - #5 by GregDC73

I had the same problem yesterday with both the B787 and the Cessna Citation Longitude. It doesn’t matter which plane you are using. I can fly at 23500ft not higher. I get the warning in red ITTT eng1 and ITTT eng 2. That means overheating of the engines.

Switch to a pre-defined weather mode and you’ll be fine. I was cruising at FL390 last night from KSEA to KMIA without issue after switching off live weather.

Just got the same thing to happen to me too, 787 also. Running throttle manually at 100% and getting nothing out as speed drops to stall speed, nose down a tad and the engine revs right back up and the speed literally jumps 100kt back up.

It’s not just the 787. It’s a new live-weather bug related to air temperatures at altitude:


I’ve never had an issue with any of the jets and after seeing your comment I realized its likely because I never use Live Weather. Good to know!


Alas this issue started appearing yesterday.

As was mentioned above, please continue in this thread: