What has MSFS done today? (23.09.21)

I wonder what they did again today. When I started the Sim, I had to re-select all the basic settings in the loading process. In the main menu under the settings, all graphics settings were incorrectly set or reset. And when I stopped everything again, only stuttering pictures on all flights. Internet connection checked, everything ok. I’ve never had such ■■■■■■ graphics and so many adjusted parameters. It’s just not fun if you have to expect new bad surprises every time you start the program and have to spend hours testing settings until everything works again. But it’s still not going like yesterday. They must have done something again without it being made public.

Perhaps someone had similar problems today and a solution or explanation


If that was the case there would be multiple topics about this. So far you are the only one.

However sometimes these things happen and it’s a mistery why. For me it only happend a few times during alpha. But that’s to be expected.

Only thing i can think of is something went wrong with your acount and reset everything. Did it happen earlier or is it the first time? I guess onve you’ve set everything up again you should be fine.


Amazing post lol


No i never hab Problems, its the first time. The Problem now ist i have made Screenshots from my old settings and make now the settings like the ones from the Screnshots but the performance of my Grafik is not the same as yesterday, only stuttering.

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What a stunning showcase for Microsofts cloud services!


Same here. I noticed my top toolbar (weather, fuel, atc etc) selection was reset. Did not check other settings yet.

Hmm that is strange. If you’re settings are indeed the same it should behave the same.

You might want to try to reset your nvidia control panel options to default (if you’re using an nvidia gpu)

Make sure you didn’t accidently set resolution scale ingame to 200 maybe?

Otherwise i wouldn’t know what could be the cause of this.

So far I have always used the Nvidia system control with standard settings and let the programs decide. I have already checked that, everything is still in accordance with the standard. The scaling is also not accidentally changed. I don’t understand what could have happened either. In order to be able to fly to some extent, I have everything on the middle settings. Before, I had everything on ultra smoothly with an RTX 3080ti, all strange

Did you recently upgrade your nVidia driver or go into the nVidia Experience program.

In nVidia “Experience”, there is an option that, every time you start the program, it goes into your games and sets them to “optimal” graphics settings. Make sure this option is turned off. It sounds to me like you have it on. What it actually does is choose the worst settings it can.

Back in the day, I had this same problem that my graphics settings kept getting set to “the worst”, and I didn’t get it until somebody mentioned this, and I realized it was happening each time I updated my graphics driver, and, in the process started this program (which I don’t normally bother with).

Yes, I updated the driver today, but curiously only after I had the problems described. The update did not change anything in the graphics of the simulator. looked just as bad before the update as it did after it. But I will check the experience after that I haven’t looked yet.

Yep same story for me. NVidia driver updates automatically reset your MSFS settings. Took me I will to figure this out, but now I have this automatic optimization (laughing out super loud) turned off in the NVidia GeForce Experience app.

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Don’t think I would start with messing with stuff outside the sim. My first reaction would be to

  • log out of MSFS,
  • shut down MSFS,
  • log out of XBox,
  • reboot computer,
  • log back into XBox,
  • restart the sim and make sure you are logged in.

If that does not fix things then start scratching your head, but not until you tried the obvious. I have seen tons of users that say they are connected but after logging out and back in all goes back to normal.

Graphics settings changing by themselves is a known issue. If I remember too when I start the sim I go and check my graphics settings to see that they haven’t changed. As for your other problems, it must be just you as no one else is experiencing them.

The nVidia Experience Option MUST be turned off. It will absolutely cause the problem described above.

If that is off and it happens again, then he can scratch his head.

That program by default is started on boot. So it can cause the issue at any time.

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It’s only you. Nothing has changed on our end, try restarting your PC

Yes and No. I agree NVidia Experience will cause issues if the ‘auto optimization’ is activated. I have used it while messing with the filters, etc. and it doesn’t have any downside as long as that optimization option is off.

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It had major downsides for me. I don’t appreciate any graphics settings being changed. It changed all my settings to low from nearly Ultra. And it kept happening and I couldn’t figure out why. Until somebody else posted the solution, and turning that option off fixed it.

IOW, I had exactly the same experience as the OP.

You probably have a decent system if you didn’t see much of a change.

i7-4790K/16GB/2070 Super/LG 55UN7300 4K TV. It looks at the lowest common denominator and uses that. I run at nearly Ultra (IOW, Ultra across the board except a couple of settings) perfectly happily.

My point was, you implied he shouldn’t check that setting. He needs to check it, it causes exactly the situation he posted about. If it’s already off, then move on from there.

If you update your Nvidia driver the GeForce Experience resets your graphics settings. Has happened everytime I update the graphics driver.f
So it’s not Asobo, but rather your Nvidia Geforce Settings.

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Exactly. There’s an option in the settings of the nVidia Experience program you can turn off and it will stop.

Click the gear and under “Games and Apps” turn off “Automatically optimize newly added games and applications”

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Never implied he shouldn’t check that setting. I was talking about the suggestions of reinstalling drivers, etc. My suggestion was to confirm that he is getting his cloud settings first.

This should not happen as long as you have the “Auto Optimize” turned off. I have updated my driver at least three times since the ‘experiment’ and turned of the auto option. Has never changed my settings.

If it changed anything it would be that little check box that lets NE “optimize” your game settings based on its audit of your system. Make sure that box is off. As long as you don’t turn it on, all NE does is give you an overlay available ingame to monitor GPU performance / take screenshots and videos / activate GPU tuning and graphics filters.

It is only the “Auto Optimization” that WILL mess up your settings. When it first installed, when I did a driver update, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and let it run the optimization, ONCE. I kicked myself for not having a backup of my settings or at least something written down. Took me an afternoon to get things back the way I had them. Never again will I let an algorithm decide my settings.

I run a 2060Super/i5/8400. Nothing special.

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