What immediately puts you off buying a third-party airport?

So you’re browsing the new releases on your favourite store site when an airport catches your eye. You start scrolling through the marketing images but almost immediately, you see something completely off-putting! What is it that very quickly discourages you? For me it’s default jetways.

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The fact that there is no demo or trial period.


If its encrypted as it can’t be used with LNM

For me, it makes a huge difference whether building textures are weathered or not. Photorealistic textures like those from Flightbeam, Flytampa or Orbx significantly increase the realism of an airport. Inibuilds, for example, makes really great airports. However, especially at shorter distances, many buildings look too much like a computer game to me. Others do that better.

In general, I think everything that makes an airport look real is important for me. This includes the jetways and ground textures in particular.

To give a current example. The buildings of the recently published Vilnius Airport look far too clean for me. That’s why I wouldn’t buy it.


My Problem is I use 4K 48" inch OLEDs, Graphics are all ULTRA high, and addons PMDG, GSX, SLC etc.

So, screenshots can be great but when i am at the gate you realize that is not that good. So, If no demo i try to find 4k video to have little opinion even youtube bitrate is low. :grinning:
Apart from that, if from a trusted publisher i dont check review, i just decide if i need it or not. E.g ORBX, Flytampa etc.
If not, no trial or demo or no buy.

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Agreed, although it won’t necessarily put me off buying it. Depends on other factors. I think Ini’s texturing is just about convincing enough for it to be a non-issue for me. But there is a quality threshold — I have never liked the look of Barelli’s texturing — it’s far worse than both MM and Ini. Quite a number of devs whose textures look way too ‘cartoon-like’.

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i prefer airports to look good on the outside, bit fed up with the number of European and USA - like things a little further afield. I really dont need the inside modelled. Parallax is fine.


It is not instantly visible on release or advertising images/text, but if an airport does not come along with an AFD/AFCAD with proper gate assignments, I do not buy it nowadays. Still dont get why so many devs do not care about that, now when we have wonderful AI traffic options.


Price. More than $15 and there is no way I am buying it. I rarely visit the same airport more than once a month so paying this money for something I will use every few months is not reasonable from my point of view. There are several airports I bought in the past on sale and visited them only once or twice.

Planes on the other hand… I don’t mind paying $70 or even more for a full fidelity plane.


I agree. Of course, Inibuilds and MM’Simulations are not particularly bad examples of unrealistic building textures. There are much worse examples.

Inibuilds’ airports in particular are of such high quality that their building textures sometimes fall somewhat short of the many positive aspects.

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Frames. It all comes down to how many frames are you getting?


Definitely performance. Unless you own a high performance compatible device that can run the MFSM like butter, it’s pointless to waste so much money on certain airports that you may only fly into or out every once in a while.

I rather have default scenery and minor to no stutters, lags, and/or game crashes much over having multiple sceneries and constant performance issues. I can live with that as long as I can fly and enjoy the main ASPECT of the game.


Have you ever purchased an airport outside of the Marketplace that was encrypted? I’d be curious to know which ones.

I currently have 165 payware airports and of those, only 7 are encrypted, and those are all from the MP as they only sold there.

To answer the OP question, nothing really…

There’s a few dev’s that I don’t immediately jump on if they release an airport I want, especially if there is another more reputable dev releasing the same one in the future.

I don’t see the need for trials, etc… There are plenty of youtuber’s who get advanced copies or purchase same day and review that you can make an informed decision within 24 hours of release.

That said, anything by RomanDesigns, FSimStudios, MKStudios, FlyTampa, Drzewiecki Design I’ll purchase without looking for reviews.

Yes! It’s amazing to see how much detail you can create inside the buildings, but for me it’s not very useful because our flights start from the outside and the quality and details of the external area are more important. It’s my humble opinion.


I ended up re-buying all the airports that I’d bought from Market Place. EGPH, EGAA and EGNT were all encrypted. After that I learned my lesson, admittedly an expensive mistake to make. Now I don’t buy anything in MP.


As far as marketing goes, my pet peeves are:

  • a trailer video for an airport yet a good chunk of it is some airliner filling the frame while landing, taking off or taxiing.
  • tons of screenshots in the rain

My first problem is not being able to SEE the airport in the Marketplace because I can’t move the stupid text out of the way. Whoever came up with that brilliant marketing technique needs to go back to school.

But price and location are the big decision makers for me. I want to know that I’ll actually use it more than once, and like Marklar666, I’d say around $15 is generally my limit.

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Static aircraft. Nothing ruins a good flight more than not being able to park at your gate.

Luckily most developers don’t use them anymore and some have even removed them in updates, but there are still some who still use them today. Even some otherwise “good” developers, what a shame…


I’m increasingly looking for nice interiors. Obviously the outside has to look good too, that’s a given. With GSX and passengers walking to and from the plane, and sitting down for the flight, it’s important to have the finishing touches with a nice interior. Nothing worse than opaque windows on the terminal. A well modelled landside too.

I may have previously said, a long time ago and when using xbox, that I don’t care about interiors at all, but times change.


With smooth performance sometimes trounced by poorly built addons, I tend to stay away from add on scenery. I do have some in areas I fly more often but hold off on other really excellent looking airports and other things just because of the chance it could cause problems. When I do add scenery it’s from a house that I’ve used before with no trouble. And there are the increased loading times and added complexity troubleshooting when something does cause outright issues - which thankfully has been very rare.

I might be too conservative about loading up Community but I’d rather fly than troubleshoot.