What is a good ATC replacement software for MSFS 2020?

PF3 and Pilot3ATC are both good products with different strengths and quite different approaches to ATC. For me I wanted a solution that would use AIRAC data and fully support SIDS/STARs… which meant Pilot2ATC. It’s flight planning is quite useful too.

Re: ATC Chatter - there are a bunch of programs like this. Is there any that is geographically specific - or is it random ATC that is from anywhere?

I got ATC chatter from stick and rudder it is put into different regions europe asia usa.

With pilot2atc you can listen to the region you pick

I like PF3 atc chatter because it is real chatter with he AI aircraft flying in the sim, instead of listening to chatter recorded from ATC that has nothing to do with the sim you are flying. I also like the 100 plus controller voices instead of just 2. PF3 redid many of the voices in the latest version, and it has made a big improvement. I use Avliasoft EFB in conjunction with PF3 which gives me all approach and departure procedures, frequencies, airports in the sim, and charts. You can even fly an Rnav approach without vertical guidance, and it will show your aircraft on the proper vertical profile.

Yes but with Pilot2ATC you can talk to the controller using real world ATC radio protocols.

It is also very good at allowing flexible responses as you would use in the real world. You’re not limited to a scripted response. You cannot talk to PF3 controllers so it is not realistic in that sense.

I use P2ATC when Vatsim is offline, which it often is in the UK late at night when I like to fly. P2ATC is well worth the money in my opinion if you are a real pilot or hardcore simmer.

You can also make the Windows voices ( I have 10, all free) sound like a ‘radio’ voice by using a very simple low pass filter (Google it).

Free mod:

Phraseology is mostly ICAO, some EU influences (recommendations by Eurocontrol added).

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Yes, but I really dislike wearing a headser, and training voice to text with windows speech recognition, and only having two controller voices unless I spend a ton of money on extra voices.

My experience with Vatsim, flying off and one with it for years is that more often than not, I wind up using Unicomm due to having zero controllers on line wear I am flying. That is why I use ATC software, and I have used them all and beta tested three of them. I finally settled on Pf3, and to me as a real life pilot, it sounds the most realistic.

I’m having a hard time deciding which program to go with…I appreciate all your input and help…

Are the two Pilot2ATC and PF3 both usable for worldwide ? Or just specific continents like US or Europe for example ?

I understand what you are saying but I have 10 windows voices with P2A, including some European voices, all free. Just download them and install into windows and use them with P2A.

I have used PF3 and it it does sound great but, if you cannot communicate with ATC using real protocols then to me as a RW pilot, imo PF3 is useless other than in a cosmetic sense. Each to their own though.

P2A flightplanning is also very good, especially if you update the Airac in FS and P2A using navigraph so they both use the same cycle.

Try it for free. There is a 10 day fully functional free trial period which also includes three excellent manuals.

I was very skeptical at first but now, I don’t fly without P2A unless I’m on Vatsim. Can also be used superbly with XP11.

I looked at Pilot2ATC and decided to just stick with the default ATC.

The default gets the job done for basic VFR and IFR flight in the simplest way possible.

For IFR, if you use the main world map to enter your flight plan sans approach, the in game ATC will do a decent job of assigning an approach once you enter destination airspace which is one realistic element I like. Where it falls down is in altitude assignments where it may have you too high on approach or hitting terrain. You just need to use intelligent disobedience and plan your descent appropriately, ignoring ATC if they don’t agree with what you’re doing.

The best part of the default ATC is the UI is simple… number keys choose your request/response, and it automatically changes radio frequency so you don’t need to bother with that. Perfect.

The problem with Pilot2ATC is it’s way more than what you need which adds clutter and complexity to the UI.

Can’t speak for PF3, but Pilot2ATC isn’t limited to any region.

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Not true.

Once P2A is connected to the sim, I never see its screen again until I exit the A320NX after landing.

And to those who feel overwhelmed at speaking RW ATC language, P2A is an excellent training mechanism. You soon learn to listen and to respond.

Honestly, I wish I had had P2A when I was in pilot training so many years ago.


All the P2A video’s I’ve seen on Youtube are all FAA phraseology, not ICAO. Is there an option to use ICAO or European phraseology or is it all US based?

Edit: what about hPa instead of inHg and correct transition altitudes outside US?

You can adjust certain features in the config option, including point/decimal, HpA, etc.

The great thing is though that you can use the same ICAO responses that you would always use and P2A seems to understand. Quite how, I do not know but it does it nonetheless. You can set the transition level in the MCDU/FMC as in the real world and P2A respects that

Dave, the developer is also always quick to answer questions. His support is superb.

My personal preference is pilot2ATC I have both, I like to start me descent then ATC will allocate a Star and runway, it may of changed from where you departed. Also sometimes gives you accurate vectors to final, speed restrictions and altitude from navigraoh charts. PF3 is good but it requires a lot of input, with SIDS and STARS…Each have pros an Cons…Pilot 2ATC can become v expensive i Used cerevoice and text aloud voices, which is very expensive.

Couldn’t afford those posh voices so just downloaded 10 different windows voices, some European, then used a low pass filter to change them to ‘radio’ quality. Works well though.

P2A is great, especially as I like to fly late in the UK and Vatsim have all gone to bed by then!

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What do you do when you are a five miles from the final approach fix, IFR, and ATC tells you to climb to 10,000 Feet, which has happened to me numerous times until I quit using MS ATC?

I would like to give VATSIM a go but its lack of confidence, making yourself look stupid, also upsetting other pilots…for example taxiing the wrong way., and I am not a RW pilot, so its probaably second nature for a lot of people,.

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You use Pilot2ATC which gives you accurate ATC.