What is motion blur?

What is motion blur? And how to disable?

In your graphic options (under general) you can turn motion blur OFF.

If you have fast head movements it blurs your vision. Turn it on in options

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It blurs your vision when you move your head and needs more PC resources.

Huh… I always thought the motion blur setting has always been in there…

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I have my vision motion blurred enough without any more blurring with this setting. :joy:



All you need to know is that it something that needs to be turned off.


pointless mod really…

It gives the sense of speed when flying low.

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no, it gives the sense if will lowing system eating, this about every game, not only about this one, but motion blur gives opposite result

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That depends on your hardware, running the game at Ultra settings on an old computer is not recommended either, for those who have the latest hardware, this may well be a welcome addition, for everyone else it is possible to turn it off.

It’s not important, just turn it OFF all the time.

As I understand it, ideally it should blur the image during fast movement, in the same direction as the movement. This trades what looks to be a stuttery sequence of sharp individual images for a smoother, though blurred, video (to some extent duplicating what happens in normal vision). This technique is of course much used in cartoons, and also in comics to give the impression of movement.

Whether you want it or not is, of course, your choice.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you are saying.

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that’s not pretend, i haven’t problem with motion blur, if don’t count once first single freeze, and with my hardware everything ok :slight_smile: but in any games motion blur is useless stuff, you can use it, as i do btw :slight_smile: but this is same as g-sync/free sync, most of time you just don’t see any difference, but physically one different present is eating system, but by any logic this stuff have to relax system instead push it down

it’s ok lol

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