What is /Set the default for the new CG center of gravity? Per aircraft?

What is the default for the new CG center of gravity?
Per aircraft?

MSFS seems to remember the last CG you put it for whatever plane.

There should be a ‘reset’ or default button.

There is a Reset button. It’s on the bottom bar when you open the Weight and Fuel page.

For me, I always set my CG to be the median between the forward and aft limit. So if the minimum limit is 15% and the maximum limit is 40%. Then my CG would be 27.5%.

That is not a CG reset button

Ah okay. I don’t know how you can get the sim to remember the CG though, I find that I always have to adjust the CG every time I plan a flight since it’s always revert to the default for me whenever I run the sim.

not here, all the way to the right if I test that.

Maybe all the way right is the default?

It is not

So if you move it to the middle, and you fly that way. When you exit the sim and comes back, the slider goes back to the full right?

I have MSFS Store

weird. Mine always retirns to the middle. I’m on Steam version.

If you move it to the middle, fly like that, exit the sim, and when you come back it’s all the way full right and not where you left it, then full right is the default. Maybe it’s a silly position for the default, but it’s the default nonetheless.

I doubt that very much.

The reset button resets the pax and baggage load, not the CG.

The further aft the CG is, the aicraft flies more efficient, but pitch stability reduces (and vice versa).

Suggest to fly with a ‘centered’ CG. Note that you can manually only alter the emtpy CG, which can differ a lot from the CG for the loaded aircraft.

Just to make sure, it’s CG which is important not the empty CG. E.g. a full center fuel tank on the 787 causes a 14% CG change!

I’m experiencing different result with the empty CG, even when only entering/exiting the W&B menu.
Sometimes it remains at the last position and sometimes it’ completely out of limits, stuck to the left or right.

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Which aircraft are you talking about? I only have the A320 installed along with the unremovable Cessna 152 and the TBM. And at least on the A320 it’s always reset to the middle whenever I start the sim.

I’d have to slide it every time to get to my desired total CG of 28%

Fully left/right is way too close the limit all MSFS aircraft. It can even be outside the limit.
Can’t be the default CG.

Then what explanation do you have for the CG returning to the same setting every time? That is the very definition of a default value.

“Default” doesn’t mean “correct”.

I’m not experiencing this problem, so it’s definitely not for everyone the ‘default’ setting.

I have been playing with payloads, and then realized you can accidentally mess up the empty GC. The default CGs are there, for me they show up in World Map Weight and Balances Setup. Once you are in free flight, there is no way to get back the default.
Defaults are:
B747: 14% (fwd limit)
B787 23,5%
A320: 26,8%
A330 (PMP): 21,4%.
Can anyone confirm?

Btw i read that people use the empty CG to trim their plane, isnt that completely wrong, the empty CG should be constant for a given plane?

The Empty CG Setting is not saved in flt files, so it seems to me it behaves buggy/randomly, when loading existing flights, as in the empty CG value being set to the value you touched at last flight, no matter what aircraft.

Can anyone confirm that too?

Also i noticed in Landing challenges, the empty CG is always set to minimum, which ruins all prepared payload+fuel settings. You can check that out by editing the XML/SPB so that it allows you to open the load panel in landing challenge.