What is the minimum internet speed for photogrammetry at 4k Ultra Settings?

I am moving to a remote area where the maximum internet speed is only 10mbps. Can anyone tell me if 10mbps will be enough for running MSFS 2020 on ultra settings at 4k?

mmh, i don,t know an exact value thats needed to run it on 4k ultra; all i CAN say is that my 16mb/s isn´t enough to do so…

My internet speed is 20mb/s and the simulator runs perfect but I haven’t got 4K monitor. Do you really need to run it at 4K?

I guess for 4k the speed requirement should be the same as yours . Does the resolution even make a difference for photogrammetry scenery ? So I guess 10mbps should be fine then?

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You could give it a try and set the bandwith-limit in MSFS to 10mb/s?

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I’m not in 4K, FPS stuck at 30, mostly ultra, and I have no connection problem, or very rarely.

I’m at 108Mbps and photogrammetry doesn’t work well lately. MSFS is not using more than 3% of the capacity of the network according to task manager.

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mfs2020 system requirements says 50 mbps which is 6.25mb/s. i dont think different resolutions changes photogrammetry details significantly.

I have just 40mbps and it never goes above 20mbps even at KJFK, average is around 7-15mbps

From the System Requirement page:

  • Minimum: 5 Mbps

  • Recommended: 20 Mbps

  • Ideal: 50 Mbps

There will probably areas where it doesn’t consume as much bandwith compared to others. But I don’t know what those areas might be.


It all depends on the area.

On most photogrammetry areas I see between 10-20Mbps used.

When flying over London for the first time MSFS maxes out my 65Mbps connection, so I would expect a 10Mbps connection to take longer before you get a nice result (buildings / trees might look ‘melted’ for a while until they’re fully loaded in, might take a couple of laps over the city).

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Problem is for me it’s not loading the photogrammetry fast enough so everything looks horrible


Depends on what issue you are facing. If your complain is related to fps…well, forget it. It is a chronic problem from simulators. The best way to solve ir is reduce some visual quality

You might be interested in manually caching certain regions of the sim, so that it downloads the data ahead of time.

I wish that wasn’t necessary as I fly to very different places

Every time I try to manually cache, regardless of region size I get CTD. Has it been fixed?

I’ve heard about the CTD but never experienced it myself (i dont really cache anyways). Not sure on the status of this bug.

Most remote area’s never use more than 3-5 Mbps.
Towns and low flying will need 7-10 Mbps
City’s will require 14-32 Mbps
Large City’s require 64-128 Mbps
This is all based on 2K resolution 1440x 2560
The higher the resolution the more data or pixels will have to be transmitted.
The lower the resolution the less data or pixels will have to be transmitted.
HD = 1920x1050 2,016,000 pixels per frame
2K = 1440x2560 3,686,400 pixels per frame
4K = 3840x2160 8,294,400 pixels per frame

The pixel count almost doubles each time you move up. So as pixels increase so does the bit or byte count transmitting the frame.


How is your configuration? Maybe you should adjust the distance of objects, scenery and ground

I have 20-40Mbit/sec and I get error messages saying my bandwidth is too slow for Photogrammetry. Maybe my connection is dodgy, in consistent, and maybe buildings settings have some impact (HIGH vs ULTRA)?


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It’s at 100% on the slider. It used to work well some months ago.

And it’s not just the triangle buildings at a distance it’s building right below me that don’t load and I have to fly in circles until they do.

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