What on earth is going on with the Flight Planner!

Its a gamers menu, not a flight planner! Let look at the pretty things :stuck_out_tongue: Funnily enough I was reading an article by an avid XBOX user and they were claiming that they had lost interest in the SIM after a week due to the fact there was not enough “gaming” features. I hope that doesn’t detriment this SIM any further if it becomes a trend :frowning:

All my flight planning is botched. Depending on where I’m planning, it doesn’t matter whether I do it ‘in sim’ or using Little Navmap, it adds a bunch of waypoints which ruins the plan. Prior to 2nd hotfix it was working. I hope we don’t have to wait till next world update to have this fixed. I’m flying the TBM 930, but I don’t even think this matters.

I have been told by one of the Moderators that this is a known issue.

i agree, it probably is based on the fact that number of us have raised Zendesk tickets. I hope it is fixed in WU6, it should be an easy thing to reverse. Wait and see, and for now, plan on littlenavmap and input my flightplans manually, or if I am too lazy, I just do IFR and cancel :smiley:

Can’t reproduce that here… (?)

UPDATE: Scratch that! I am sorry, but you are absolutely right: the filter settings do not seem to be persisted: restarting FS2020 and I have the exact same default filters (fauna turned on etc.) again.

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This has been happening since one of the first patches.

Be careful if you edit this file, it’s in “Official”



The idea way to deal with this is to start MSFS with a batch/cmd-script file, and have that search/replace edit the above XML.

That way, when the sim is updated, and files in Official change, chances are the search/replace will work with the new file, and continue to work.

or whatever other method you want to use.

Just remember, if you just edit the file once, it might be overwritten, if you change any other item in the UI of that page in the sim.

ASOBO really need to fix it, so it remembers changes done in the Sim on that UI page, for those last 3 items (like it already does for all the other items on that page)


Thanks Sir

Not sure if this is my ignorance (def possible) but when I create a flightplan in LittleNavMap it gets badly distorted in MSFS. I created a plan from EG13 Glenforsa flying first over Oban then over a nearby loch to line up for Oban airfield. When loaded into MSFS the route is changed so that it goes north of Oban airfield (to get on an approach path), then south to Oban, over to the loch then onto the Oban airfield. So why is MSFS changing a prepared flight plan? It seems nuts, but maybe a by product of all the other problems with flight plans.

This is the exact bug I reported to Zendesk. I took screenshots of the flight planner and the MFD in flight, and uploaded these with the .pln file that I imported from LNM. It is due to the TIME waypoints that MSFS inserts into your VFR flightplans. I think they are trying to recreate TOC and TOD but it has been implemented really badly. It places the waypoints on the departure and arrival runways as per the flight plan. The problem is when you add in POIS as waypoints that are close to the departure or arrival airport it still wants to go to the AI-inserted waypoints first, then to the added POI and then back to the destination airport. If they remove this peice of code that auto-inserts these then all our problems will be back to pre-SU5, and importing or creating VFR flight plans will be back to how it was (good or bad :slight_smile: )

No worries, with the way they make unannounced changes to the sim, I thought maybe it had finally been fixed, LOL

Hence, my previous comment about all these mysterious CTD’s lately. If the dev’s would just get some of this simple, basic stuff working correctly and with a purpose, maybe people wouldn’t have to resort to “hacking” things.

I’m not a programmer, but this shouldn’t really be THAT difficult, should it?

Anyway to me, if it defaulted to the basic aviation stuff and made those interested in fauna, poi and other VFR stuff have to turn it on everytime - it could at least be called a flight planner.

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The most amusing one is that when you create a plan and it adds those new climb and approach points - which is annoying but not a game killer - and then add an enroute waypoint some distances away, it some times inserts the enroute waypoint IN BETWEEN the approach and the runway.

So you get to fly to the new MS runway approach, back track 100 miles to your new enroute point and then turn around again and fly back direct to the airport itself.


There is even more that needs fixing……

Maybe they’ll add an AI refueler aircraft that you can summon by using the fancy handle bar so you make it to your destination…Yeah, that’s realistic.

Have you guys been voting in here and uploading Zendesk tickets? Please do!

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Thanks Craig. Reassuring to know it’s not me. Amazing how much SU5 has screwed things up - visuals not so good (pop ins for me), trim not woking (really bad) & now this.

It is beyond Crazy that this needs votes to fix. It is absolutely Garbage and needs to be fixed, it is horrific. But FWIW I have voted lol

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Comparison between a “Little Nav Map” generated Flightplan (left) (that mostly follows the MSFS SDK), and the current after SU#5 MSFS one (Right) , that DOES not even follow it’s own SDK. !!


Interesting. I’ll try the same thing tonight with a simple VRF direct GPS flight.