What plane to pick to Lukla


What plane is best for flying from Katmandu to Lukla? I can’t get the beachcraft Baron (or most planes) over 10500ft in altitiude for some reason and the kingair seams a bit to big to land there imo?

Turboprops or turbo version of pistons. So cessna caravan, pc-6, upcoming Twin Otter or Kodiak, probably turbo arrow would also manage.

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The caravan will get there if you pick the right route. Otherwise I’d go for the TBM

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Oxygen is the reason :wink:

As said, get a turboprop. Caravan for realistic choice, TBM for leasure.


I know, but i thought de kingair would have no problem there

I’ve seen people land an A320 there, so king air should be doable

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whatever it is, with synthetic horizon avionic if use live or real weather

i guess 320 can landing there only with set right wind for this

In the real world these are the types most common at Lukla:

  • Dornier 228
  • Twin Otter
  • Pilatus Porter
  • Let 410
  • Grand Caravan (video below)

Since the game comes with a Caravan my suggestion would be to get the Caravan mods and then enjoy a flight in that :slight_smile:


I just did a flight from VQPR to VNLK (Lukla) with the KingAir 350i and it was perfect because there is 30knts head wind today using live weather. :dash: :small_airplane:

Very nice flight…amazing to see all these humongous mountains !

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The PC-6, called YETI, was used on the Dhaulagiri expedition in 1960 and is known to be the only plane that landed and started at an altitude of 5700 m


i can soundly confirm you cannot take off a 787 from Lukla

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TBM 930 works great.

This is very interesting, I didnt know about this. Thanks for sharing. Nice paintjob on that Porter.

A bit strange seeing it with a piston engine, so used to seeing the PT6!

Dreamliner. Go on, you know you want to :grin:

If you want to stick with pistons.

IIRC I have gotten the DA62 (With the DA62x mod) up to 12,000. The DA-62 is a turbo diesel that runs on Jet A.

For 3rd party there is the Turbo Arrow.

But the Caravan will definitely do that altitude and have a short enough landing roll, plus it will have a G1000.

Yup. Caravan did the work.
First time had to go around because i was to high.
Second time i crashed into the front of the runway and slid down the mountain.
Third time a charm and a nice, hard, but decent landing and stop right around the turn.


Already tried. Failed. What i haven’t tried is a strong, hurricane-strength headwind…

To be sure, you do know a turbo prop is a completely different thing a turbo-blown piston engine, right? :smiley:

I do not get it. Which part of what I said was not clear? I said one or the other, implying they are different things but both work at high altitudes.