What programs do you use to make a Screenshot other than WinKey+Shift+s

Hi there, What screenshot program do you guys use, I have been using the winkey+Shift+S…But I’m a little tired of using that method. .I would like to make multiple screenshots. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

I have the Steam version and through the Steam client just have F12 set to take them.

I see you’re on MS Store, not sure if the XBOX App has anything built in?

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I use windows+print screen (no interface pop up, can spam away)


I was just noticing that in the other thread that was talking about the GSX Pro…You posted some screenshots that where installed very quickly…@skypilotYTS

I’m Old School… – Snapper-- Early 40’s Been using Snapper since FS2004 Snapper - An utility for making screen shots easier (michielovertoom.com)


Those were just older ones I took :slight_smile:

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Techsmith Snagit here. Great annotation facilities if you need to share issues etc.

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Nvidia Shadow Play Alt F1 for Screenshots


Windows snipping tool. Super easy to use and already installed.

OBS and sometimes win+shift+s

I have One Drive setup and ticked the option for it to handle screen shots. All I do is press the Print Screen key and one drive saves it to a Screenshots folder under pictures. No pop ups or any app to interact with.

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geforce experience ( Alt+F1) but (alt+F4) for you while fyling take much much better screenshots…

GeoShot. It makes a gps-tagged screenshot in MSFS. Works quite well.

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Just the Xbox overlay (Windows Key + G) Seems to work well and can be used for video too.

Nvidia Geforce Experience because it grabs MSFS full screen but also when windowed, without border.

Yes if you do this as well:

Press Print Screen and combine that with pressing the Windows logo that will automatically save it to your pictures and screenshots folder.

If you press Print Screen and ALT together with Windows Key that will save the image to One Drive and Captures

With One Drive set to capture screen shots you don’t have to press any key combo, just print screen. It’s convenient because I have One Drive ok my phone so the screenshots are also available on the phone.


Yes, and also, if you have multiple screens, pressing printscreen alone will capture them all in a single combined image, but pressing ALT+printscreen captures only the active window. I have 3 monitors with MSFS on the middle one, so use ALT+printscreen all the time so I only the the MSFS screenshot.

As an aside, if anyone gets annoyed by the toolbar handlebar thing staying on screen during screenshots, the nohandlebar mod on flightsim.to is a godsend. This gets rid of the handlebar and brings up the toolbar only when you move your mouse to the top of the screen.

And, if you are anything like me, it would be nice to capture on screen the location (lat/long) and other data in a discrete way so that you could find the spot where you took the screenshot again if you wanted to. For this I use shift-z stats mod, also from flightsim.to. Note the default text colour is red, but you can change that and customise all the data it shows to be as minimal or as fully detailed as you want. Great little mod.

And here’s an example - see the light grey text top left (hard to read as the forum compresses the image unfortunately)

Ehm… that’s how it works by default :slight_smile:

It may have changed since i installed the mod, but the default handlebar used to show up on screen whenever you moved the mouse (without the menu coming up). It would fade out over a few seconds, but it was very easy to end up with a half faded handlebar on your screenshot as a result. Apologies if this behaviour has changed over the last few months.