What programs do you use to make a Screenshot other than WinKey+Shift+s

Ah like that :slight_smile:
AFAIK it now only shows when the mouse is over the area the menu would be. Will check.

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I normally use the developer mode screenshot option. I like to fly with the HUD and POI indicators on, and the developer screenshot method has an option to take screenshots without the UI stuff. That way I don’t have to change up my settings just to take one.

Only for some reason it hasn’t been working lately. When I take the shot, it pops up the save-as window, I name it, click ok, the sim acts like it’s doing the thing, but no new screenshot shows up in the folder. It’s a recent development, so I haven’t tried looking into much yet.


ALT + Prt Sc.
It’s handy when using multiple monitors, as it will only capture the screen that you have your mouse focused on.

Did MSFS change? I also use the mod @gordongreig referenced because it hides displaying of the toolbar triangle on any mouse movements.

I think it did back in November. I’ve no issues with it showing up in screenshots for a while now.

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Likewise Alt+Fn+PrtSc that only captures the actual window you are focused on.

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If you are using Axis & Ohs, you can assign a key or button to the screenshot function and it handily does it only for the sim window (I have three monitors) while creating a new file for each shot. As for hiding the handlebar, no longer an issue since I started using the free Flow tool from //42.

Note that pressing just the Print Screen key also copies the image to your clipboard, so you can paste it anywhere.

Where would one find the clipboard? I’m running win 11

The built-in screenshooter in GeForce Experience usually, since it doesn’t capture the framerate overlay that I normally have running. When I do want to catch that, I’ll launch FSScreen. It’s a small app from Matthias Holzer that runs in the background. When it’s running, you hit the PrtScn button - that’s it. Normally, this puts an image of your screen(s) into the system clipboard for pasting later. The app pulls that image right back out, then creates a 24-bit bmp file in the same folder where the app sits. You can go back later and edit/convert. But being a bitmap, you get zero quality loss in the initial save. It’s been around since at least the days of FS9, but the copy I’ve had since at least 2006 still runs perfectly in Windows 11. One note… each pixel of a 24-bit bmp is three bytes, so a 4K screenshot is 23.7 MB. You’ll want to keep that folder cleaned out now and then, or you could find yourself with more on your drive that you expected.

You can’t open the clipboard directly within Windows without a 3rd party app - at least not that I know of. But if you have an image in the clipboard, all you have to do is open MS Paint and hit Ctrl+V or click the Paste button.

Clipboard in Windows 11 is “Windows Key” + V

Only if you have clipboard history enabled.

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Thanks guys for all your help and information.:slight_smile: