What the heck happened to the FPS in SU11

Last night i thought id take note of the sims performance, with no mods and base content i was getting 50-55fps flying around San Diego. Very smooth performance, no stutters

Today with the exact same setup and no settings changed i am getting 30-40fps with huge stutters every time i look left or right.

No mods installed, just default content. Anyone else had a huge tank in performance ?


check it tomorrow the servers are struggling so many people on so downloading live data is going to be slow ive had so many ctd’s tonight it really isnt worth messing with


i dont think this has anything to do with servers. did you move or rename your community folder before update? Did you clear your rolling cache? if not delete your rolling cache folder. then go into settings and enable DLSS, set it to quality and ensure DX11 is selected. then restart the game. now you can switch to DX12. I’m getting 60 FPS now flying over Manhattan in 4K with a320 in SU11. RTX2080


The extra server load certainly doesn’t help. I’ve been experiencing massive stutters and generally poor performance this evening. I was on the beta and it was ok.


One thing that changed in SU11 is the terrain load distance has been increased, so try reducing the terrain LOD slider.


interesting. I have been getting much better performance in SU11…

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Its unplayable for me. Using the Xbox overlay the GPU is oscillating between 100% and 0% with massive pauses in between.

Ive changed LoD to half of what it was, I’ve switch to DX12 DLSS (was on DX11 TAA) but its unusable unfortunately.

I suspect it might be driver related (Nvidia 522.30) but very odd when it had been so good this last few months.

Might try a reinstall tomorrow.


Agreed. Seems a little over the top to chastise you for the word ‘Hell’.


Ok this could be a possible reason. i know they increased it a while back by making it go upto 400. i have always had it at 200. what is the equivelant of 200 now ?

yep data and server load play a huge part if you turn off online connectivity you will see how much the environment and ground textures change which means all that needs to come down the network as you’re playing. If the network is slow your fps will slow as it cant keep up you can also try turning off multiplayer if you have it on

If you’re in fullscreen mode, try hitting alt+enter twice quickly to go to windowed and back to fullscreen, and then wait a few seconds. If you don’t see an improvement, do it a few times and see if your frames increase. Seems like silly advice, but this worked for me during the SU11 beta when I kept experiencing a weird frame timing drop after switching windows or restarting a flight.


wonder why it’s not affecting me. i’m getting 60 fps in 4k with an rtx2080 now in KLGA and over Manhattan

I don’t know the conversion, but people in the beta were saying they were able to bring it back to 100 and get similar results. I personally use 100 now.

Definitely saw a big fps hit over new york tonight compared to yesterday. I do fly with an LOD of 400 though.

Interesting that the LOD distance has increased though, so I may need to take another look at that setting.

Servers do seem to be overloaded though as ground textures loading very slowly tonight


Can’t say I’ve seen a performance hit in-sim, but loading the sim from desktop is taking twice as long as usual, so server load definitely appears to be part of it.


Same airport and same plane: yesterday fps were between 40 and 55, now between 7 and 9 with lags.
Sometimes the sim hangs for 5 seconds.

Good work Asobo


As another said, I’m getting better FPS personally. How strange.


Me too… performance is really great for me…

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In the beta I got better performance overall after adjusting my terrain LOD to coincide with SU11’s expanded draw distance, but I was still getting hit with the frame timing bug that would cause my FPS to go from 40-50 FPS down to 5-10 FPS. The only solution I found was hitting ALT+Enter twice quickly to go to windowed and back to fullscreen, and then repeating that until my framerate goes back up. It usually takes 2-3 tries.


Strange my FPS seems better but only done one flight EICK/EGKK Gatwick Mod from flightsim PMDG 737.

Changed nothing, I never empty community folder I just leave it as it is and I never have issues to date touch wood.

Only issue I have is in DX12 ground textures can be all over the place.

Delete roling cache as well I find that helps