What to expect on 18th August

I got the feeling that they will publish a livery pack with Jorg / Seb / and Martial’s smiley faces on it… as a surprise on Aug 18th…


As you say, it was intentional. I don’t think what we are seeing are “bugs” per se, but a deliberate attempt to get the sim to work on console, and that code happens to be the same for PC. They have to allow further divergence of the code to make better use of faster PC hardware.

This is nothing more than a repeat example of something I have been at odds with for decades: the PC multi-platform release.


They do them live on twitch, and upload them to YouTube later. (Sometimes two weeks later) They usually list the schedule somewhere on the weekly dev update, but they removed it from all of them.

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I expect mfs will be closing their service :joy:

or maybe just a BUG –


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Hi everyone,

Just to set expectations appropriately and ward off potential disappointment, the team does not have any surprise announcements beyond what has already been revealed (World Update 6, Top Gun: Maverick expansion) planned for the 18th of August. That said, we’re not ignoring the one year anniversary of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s PC release either! Join us this Friday for a Community Fly-In to visit Asobo Studio in Bordeaux. We also have an entire week of anniversary streams planned for September 6-10, hosted by TheFlyingFabio, Jayne and SeedyL, ForderLearnToFly, TwoToneMurphy, and our next live Q&A with the developers. Be sure to submit your questions for the Dev Q&A here.



I’m very happy with my MSFS until SIM5… THAKS!
But… I hope real tropical wters with coral reefs like the promos
A nice float plane like a DHC-2 Beaver
And a lovely single pilot jet like the Cessna Citation Mustang

Hey Seedy! Glad to see you on the team! I just want to clarify what you meant here:

the team does not have any surprise announcements beyond what has already been revealed (World Update 6, Top Gun: Maverick expansion) planned for the 18th of August.

I hope this means “we don’t have any additional updates coming Aug 18” versus meaning “the only 2 updates coming for rest of year are WU6 and Top Gun in late fall” - right? Meaning there will still be Sim Updates and World Updates for the remainder of this year?

I believe Jorg mentioned before there were plans to release another World Update this year besides Germany, and six others in 2022. This was before the Top Gun announcement, so I don’t know if we are getting both a World Update 7 AND the Top Gun expansion this year, or just the later.

I get the frustration (trust me) but please understand there are LOTS of people who test/beta test. We just can’t talk about it. :frowning:

Hi Folks, please reference the Development Roadmap from August 12th. Thanks!

Hi @moxiejeff,

Lots of people in this thread are speculating that the devs have a special surprise announcement to reveal on August 18 for the first anniversary of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s PC release. That is not the case, and I don’t want the community to get excited – and then disappointed – when we don’t announce anything on Wednesday.



Yep, understood and I think it’s smart you added this to the thread. Just was worried that the only thing coming for the rest of the year was WU6 and for some reason, I thought we’d have more sim updates/fixes.

Oh oh, let me guess, we will get a fully working and usable sim that’s in a better shape than it was at launch.

LOL, only joking, this is Asobo we are talking about. :pensive:

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cool for flybywire to release the a380x or not

The Developmental Roadmaps are generally published in quarterly increments. There will be many updates going forward for the next couple of years very likely. The time may spread some in between them, but, it’s a big world. I imagine we can expect at least 4 WU / year going forward. And they’ve already talked about updates being added through at least SU8, and, based on all the items they’ve talked about adding and bugs their talking about fixing, which are not yet tied to a particular Sim Update, there’s many more to come.



Please reference the official response from Community Management, which was marked as the solution. Thanks.