What We Need!

Cool. Thanks

  1. First person mode → including:
  • look/appearance selector
  • walk around mode
  • full shared cockpit multiplayer
  • head movement affects in cockpit
  • AI voice accent converter
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Multi-core support would be great.

It would also be wonderful to support multiple GPUs for those that have them. It would be great to get more performance with adding another GPU. My machine is easily capable of taking more GPUs so that would suit me well.

I realise nobody else wants it because their machines can’t take dual GPUs or they don’t want to spend more money on a second GPU.

Would also love to see the intro-videos dead and buried forever.

Zwift has this - most people play nicely but there are always some who misuse the function, either for political spam or advertising or just plain being nasty. Only just now are they looking at enhanced privacy controls. :frowning:

  1. Proper roads and vehicle simulation
  • the roads and vehicle traffic needs a major update
  • must be coded to run on a separate core
  • non reckless drivers and follow basic road rules
  • vehicles don’t just disappear into air!
  • varying vehicle speeds and types
  • vehicles make a sounds as they pass
  • some irate drivers may honk horns etc
  • vehicles use lights as when required
  • cop cars or ambulances may be speeding etc
  1. Economy System
  • Careers are for earning money!
  • A simmer can have multiple careers, ie airline career, search/rescue career etc
  • Completing career ‘jobs’ will earn an appropriate amount of sim money
  • 3rd party airlines should be possible, but job money is calculated by MSFS
  • Some jobs may earn tips - such as VIP travel service

We will have missions/jobs and they’ve also talked about some kind of a persistent world (airplanes tearing, faillures etc). The economy system will probably rely on the community. Unless you are talking about making it a “single player” mode. I’d rather see some kind of FSEconomy, but better. With users interacting with each other, running their airlines, FOBs and selling/renting their planes.

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Peace on earth and enough food and respect for all, weapons for some, another mindset for others - and this is a game, calm down and enjoy your time in the sim… :slightly_smiling_face:

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That updates airports (and their identifier) over time, for the love…


I mean at first it looks like a long list but the vast majority of those shouldn’t be super easy to implement if someone just thinks a little harder about basic usability.

One thing that I can’t believe no one’s mentioned is more dynamic non-live weather, either historic(more doable) or generated somewhere. Like I like to use live weather whenever I can but as a GA sim pilot, can’t always fly when and where I want(you know, like lots of places in the winter when the conditions don’t work for the planes I like to use), plus GA is pretty dull at night. Wish I could do like average summer conditions that are accurate to the time for example, or at least a 24 hour playback so I can fly on my side of the world in the evening but with morning weather, not setting time to morning with live weather because it’s at least dynamic compared with the presets, just to have the temperature drop as it heads towards afternoon…

  1. Ask Copilot

A feature where the simmer holds down the Copilot button and literally asks the AI co pilot a question, such as what does a particular button do.

Additionally, the Copilot button can be pressed and then a left mouse button can be clicked to add Context.

For example, the GTN750 is clicked (it turns blue colour similar to the interactive checklist eye feature) and you ask “How to transfer this flight plan to the 430?”. Or “Send this flight plan to my email!” !

And by holding CoPilot you can ask any general question, such as “How many miles till we descend”. Or “take control while I go get a snack”. Or “what’s the landing conditions at JFK” etc.

  1. Flightsim TV

I am saving the Best Need for Last!
What is Flightsim TV?
Whenever a simmer starts a flight or flight career job, they can select option to “share location” publicly (default is selected). They can also choose option to “stream the sim” to Microsoft servers.

Basically this opens up MSFS to not just simming but also casual viewing - ie: Flightsim TV.

How does Flightsim TV work?
For a “viewer” they can log on and see a map of the world with all publicly shared flights (aircraft icons on the map). Clicking an aircraft icon shows some details including the simmer and how long to landing etc etc.
The map can be zoomed in to see more detail.
If the clicked aircraft simmer has chosen to “stream the sim” the viewer can click a link and it will open a video screen viewer. If they watch the landing they can give a rating (1-5) stars etc. So in time, sim pilots will get a pilot rating based on all the ratings from the viewers.
There will also be filters, so that the viewer can filter the flights on the map. For instance by selecting 4+ rated pilots, landing soon, in 737, windy conditions. Just an example.
Or it could be instructional flight, light aircraft, for new simmers. etc etc.
There will be numerous filters.
Of course you can add pilot favorites to your list and get notifications when one is starting or landing soon etc etc.
This is Flightsim TV.

This is amazing. Thank you.

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Add Some Older Boeing airliners because we only had the a310 serving as an older airliner and I think the 717 would be a perfect fit because I don’t think i want to fly any of the current Boeing models due to what happened at Boeing

  1. Developer option: prevent loading of default airport

Okay one more, as it’s important
When a developer creates an airport they should be able to set a flag to Not load the default airport.
For example if there is an Asobo EHAM and a developer makes this one he/she can optionally set the default Asobo one to Not load.
This way simmers can install their add-ons and not have to think about uninstalling some default airports.

Well, that’s a very good idea, although just for clarity’s sake, they are not default airports but first party handcrafted airports, just like any other 3rd party addons. So the feature will need to be well thought out. Or it can only apply to Microsoft/asobo published airports.

Yes I meant the “hand crafted” airports from Asobo/Microsoft.

Fo some addons, if the original “hand crafted” airport remains installed there is a massive loss in FPS as the sim loads both.

Which needs have been cured in the new trailer?

Yup. We are getting first person mode.
And this can open up a lot of possibilities. Such as a career as the wildlife photographer. And to do the walk around before takeoff.

No 26. The ability for airport corporate sponsership. Like Kool Aid Municipal ,or Little Caesers International to have funs to replace decayed ramp textures. Oh geez, this is getting crazy. Lol

  1. Watch videos in cabin

Well folks there is another Need!
And that is basically called Passenger sim. Which is the ability to watch videos in the cabin of large airliners.
No longer is there just a static image to see. You (as passenger) can play videos or even stream from internet sites, such as youtube on the screen inside the cabin.

Welcome to passenger sim 2024.

Let me customize my cockpit. I want a hula girl on the panel! :laughing: