Whats going on with the new A32NX?

I see other people talking about it but I’m so confused about what’s going on. I see that there is now a separate aircraft and all of the liveries no longer work with it. Have PMP changed their liveries so they work with both default and FBW? If not, how do you do it yourself? The load time was also about 10 mins to get into this aircraft so I don’t know if anyone else is having that.

Yes they changed it: [V 0.5.4] A32NX | FlybyWire Simulations - #5 by Watsi01

They say there will be a tool for converting liveries, I do not know if it’s available yet.

However I have not only no liveries, but no default livery. The plane is invisible in the simulator; I guess I’ll play Wonder Woman and fly my invisible jet… :wink:

(I installed the development branch this morning, after they said the change was live.)

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They changed the mod to make it into a separate aircraft. Since the current liveries are pointing towards the default A320. It needs to be pointed towards the new A32NX mod instead.

Until the tool is ready, I’m going to have to do them manually.

How do you do it manually? I can’t live without my EasyJet livery :grinning:

@Neo4316 If you know how to “do them manually” can you say how many steps are involved? Is it tedious or time consuming? If you know how, I’d like to know too.

Delete the a320nx folder, and install again.

Does the installer not do that itself?

I’m not sure yet. I’ve already restructured my liveries manually myself to begin with (for standardisation and compiling them to make it easy to sort and manage), so my steps may not be easily followed by most people.

No, it doesn’t because the installer is installing a new mod name. The installer doesn’t go to the old mod name and delete them.

Supposedly yes, but I had the same problem as you, the plane was transparent.
I deleted the folder and reinstalled it again and it worked.


Please add that information to the issue I filed on GitHub! I’ll try it and report back as well. Invisible aircraft, no default livery after installing 3a6f05b development branch · Issue #4250 · flybywiresim/a32nx · GitHub

I’m not sure I understand – the mod name is the same, isn’t it? It’s a different aircraft entry not a different mod folder – still “flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo” right?

I think the name is changed from:


The old one shares the folder name with the default Asobo one. So the sim replaces the aircraft using the one in the community folder. Since it’s not using a different name, it enters it as a separate aircraft.

Ok thx for the help. I hope that it will get properly cleared up soon!

Right, so that’s a bug in the installer that it doesn’t set that up – please add your comments on my bug report so the devs have a chance to look at it: Invisible aircraft, no default livery after installing 3a6f05b development branch · Issue #4250 · flybywiresim/a32nx · GitHub

No matter the issues, these guys are doing an amazing Job.

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If you are happy to use the stable build you still get the liveries, I just tried that and, after being reluctant at first to switch to the development model, now i went back to the stable I realise what i was missing out on before, the flypad and cup I can live without but the thing i found most useful, the ability to print a METAR report is gone.
So until I can get the liveries working with the dev build I shall have a break from being a airline captain and go back to GA flying!

Obviously an annoyance with the liveries for the moment, but seemingly a necessity to keep the project growing as the plane gets further and further from the default A320.

The livery converter tool will come out with the next version of the installer. I don’t know when that will be.

For those who want to convert manually, the changes in the livery should be

aircraft cfg:
base_container = "..\FlyByWire_A320_NEO"

fallback.1=..\..\FlyByWire_A320_NEO\TEXTURE (in some liveries this is fallback.6)


Hope that works (it works on my side).


I use the dev not for the flypad or anything but just for compatibility with the 330 and 321

Thank you very much, I will try it as soon as I can.

EDIT: It works :+1:

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