What's the deal with controller support?

Ok, that’s cool to interact in the cockpit with your hands but I have a single right hand.
How am I supposed to grab my joystick and my controller in the same hand since the cockpit switches are mainly on my right when I fly from the pilot seat ?

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I agree. The most important control (for me anyway) when using VR controllers is to be able to manipulate the yoke.

In my case it’s mainly because my HOTAS is a MSFFB2 and is therefore right handed.

I can only hope that SU7’s introduction of VR controllers is a first step and that they are working on bringing yoke control to VR.

For me nothing is more immersive than operating everything with just the VR controllers (and pedals!)

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Used physical yoke, throttle and vr controller for a long time in a previous sim not to be mentioned here. . Flew probably in the four digit hours with this setup up and it worked really well for me and can’t wait for controller support… VR is not complete without it.

I sit right hand seat as most others and try to use the stick/yoke accordingly… for Airbus you would have the stick in the left hand leaving your right hand free.

For Yoke aircrafte you normallly hold the yoke with one hand while flying while the left is doing all the work… If you ever get in a real cockpit, try and notice the wear on the left side of the yoke… people mostly fly one handed…

Im sure the 2d mouse option will still he there for those who can’t handle cockpit controls and physical pherifs at the same time. I asn though so im excited for it

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Right now I’m the opposite.

I prefer to fly mostly with stick (as in real life, be it gliders or models) rather than yoke, even though I have an Alpha yoke and Bravo throttle quadrant, which I mainly use in 2D. Having a Thrustmaster Airbus stick I can configure it for right or left hand. In VR I prefer to use that and my old Thrustmaster throttle quadrant, either on the left or right, depending on what I’m flying (currently mostly a glider, biplanes and the Spitfire). That gives me enough tactile levers and buttons to fly VR without peeking under the headset (I also use “torch on/off” with voice recognition to find my beer with the G2 headset see-through cameras, VERY useful ;-).

I have been using the controllers just recently though when I gave No Man’s Sky another whirl, this time in VR and found the whole thing a bit iffy. I really prefer a joystick, not a controller to fly although the controller is useful for other controls if you don’t mind banging it on the desk top or skinning your knuckles.

As an aside, the colours, sharpness and general visual quality in No Man’s Sky in VR is amazing compared to MSFS at the moment, and really shows what the G2 is capable of.

Yeah, do love a bit of NMS!

What you’ve described there is one of the reasons I don’t like the ‘combination’ of physical hardware and VR controllers (knuckle raps!)

If I could control the yoke (and everything else) with my VR controllers, then I can move away from the desk and not suffer the pain of smacking my fists into my office desk :rofl:

I certainly have nothing against those who use hardware controls, most seem to prefer that and I get it. I certainly use my 'stick in IL-2 and have all my controls where I need them. But for GA flying, operating Nav controls, autopilot, flaps, gear, etc. with the VR controls is just perfect.

As I say, here’s hoping they give us the option in the future and then we can all be accommodated, hardware or none :+1:

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easy, just get the Thrustmaster Airbus stick

Or, get the Boeing yoke they announced.

I’m really not putting money on VTOL VR-level interaction for this game. Maybe on a rudimentary level where you use the thumbstick or pad to switch switches who knows? We’ll find out in a couple months. It’ll go by quick i promise

The intrigue here is what means VR controller support at all? This by itself says not much. “Controller support” can be anything between just the option to assign controller buttons to game functions to full interactive VR controls like in VTOL where you can interact with everything with your hands directly including flight controls.

I hope they do it properly and give us the ability to fly without HOTAS by just grabbing the yoke in VR with your hands. The VR flysim community is devided in this point though whether flying using virtual yoke/joystick is at all matching against HOTAS in terms of precission and comfort. About half of the community fell in love with it after trying VTOL VR. The other half never tried it or maybe needs to justify their investements in expensive HOTAS. I find myself in the first group. I realy find VR controls much much better then any HOTAS can be. Not that its just much more immersive, its also way more accurate, at least if you have a good tracking system. I can only speak about LightHouse2 that i own. I was never being able to fly as precise and accurate as i can do in VTOL without any HOTAS at all. Using valve index controllers, i just grab the stick and put the controller on my right arm rest. Then i can use the controller like a joystick that is floating in the air and is sticking ot my hand. Extremely accurate no any HOTAS can ever match this experience.


true, but VTOL VR was built from the ground up and technically is still in Early Access. Asobo is adding it year after the game and only after people voted to have it added

Im happy for those who want the feature, For me it just wont work as ill be banging my hands on my pc as well as my flight gear plus monitors

Mouse works well for me so ill be sticking to that

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Personally, I was never a big fan of controller support in XP11. Yeah it was great to have the ability to control knobs/switches/dials and grab the yoke, etc. However, you would also have these ugly motion controllers floating around the cockpit when not in use - remember I had to install a mod to make the textures transparent. Hopefully this is being taken into consideration with the development… I’ll certainly give them a try when the feature is ready, so will reserve judgement until that point.

Agreed - the transparent mod was a must-have.

But If (like me) you prefer to only use controllers, then they are never not in use, one hand is likely on the yoke and the other is doing something. They kinda “become” your hands after you get used to it - and I don’t often think my hands are just floating around and not in use :rofl:

As I’ve said before though, I do understand how they become annoying for those who have hardware 'sticks, yokes, etc. so I hope they give an option to make them less intrusive or disable them completely.

Yeah, I fall into the camp of having the hardware never received the full value of motion controllers - but 100% agree that having this is a great option for those that don’t have a physical yoke/throttle.

My positive outlook is that they won’t be a hard requirement due to the current implementation of VR being designed around mouse. With XP11 you sort of needed them just to navigate the main menu, so became almost a hard requirement and necessary to access menus when in VR.

So ideally an implementation that works for all.

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I’ve just never cared for VR controllers in addition to hardware controls.
Just give me Leap Motion support or simple head pointer functionality at this point.

i mean lets all be honest with ourselves:

Those of us advocating for the hardware route (hotas pedals etc) are still gonna try hand controllers for the sake that it might just actually be implemented well. And some people just wont touch it at all (no VR pun intended) because they simply prefer the physical feedback of a stick. No harm in that

However i think we can all agree we’re still waiting for digitalization technology so we can be transported to the seat of a plane a la Ready Player One. In fact, i think we need to write Steven Spielberg for not representing the flight sim community in Ready Player One. Where do you think all the air support came from at the final battle? DCS Players, IL2 players, FS players with jet fighter addons…

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I downloaded Warplanes:WWI from Steam just for the giggles in VR when I first got my G2 headset. This combat game uses the controllers for the joystick and throttle and I utterly hate them. Granted the G2 controllers aren’t that great, but for flying, to me they are hopeless. I much prefer a physical stick or yoke. No way I’ll be using controllers on MSFS.

Of course if they float your boat, that’s great and enjoy yourselves.

Same way real pilots use joystick-controlled planes: use left hand when they need the right hand to operate switches, or all the time. Simply speaking, if your throttle is on the right - you need the right hand available at all times, so you steer with the left. Many planes are like that.


VTOL VR is way better for VR flight sim. I’m also in the physical controller (yoke/joystick) camp and i was pretty elitist about it until i gave that game a try and while i’ll still always prefer a physical controller, i’m now convinced its possible to properly implement VR controllers in a flight sim and somewhat looking forward to FS2020’s implementation. That said, I don’t have high hopes it will be VTOL VR-like interaction. In fact, i’m pretty glass half-empty about the whole thing.

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I agree. The method employed in XP11’s ‘ergonomic’ mode is excellent in my experience.

Like you I don’t expect that level from this first implementation, indeed reading the presentation from the last Q&A, it’s carefully worded to suggest primary flight controls are excluded from touch controller interaction. Maybe in the future? At least it’s a first step, so I’m thankful for that and hopefully it will develop over time.

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For me whole deal is gimmick.
I have yoke, throttle (both Honeycomb) + additional buttons an knobs (8 knobs with buttons + 16 buttons) and I can operate them easily with tactile response on what I do.

Having VR experience for a while - it will be more immersion breaking for me to grab controller to switch something in cockpit. Now it is natural - i move hand from yoke or throttle to buttons and knobs and just use them. With controllers I would have to grab controller first, what is weird view for me. Also, also - where I would put it? have it dangling on my wrist all the time? No thanks. Putting and grabbing from desk? Where I have not much space because I have yoke and throttle, and probably having it fell down on floor from time to time during that. So for me I don’t see anything controller support would give me.

It would make sense (in theory, or in future) to have hand tracking support, but not all VR hmd have support for it and even if so it is not precise enough.

And if anybody thinks that it would be good to use just VR controllers - without yoke/joystick, and just move controllers in the air - they clearly don’t have enough experience with VR gameplay this type, good luck keeping hands in the air quite steady for 15-30 or more minutes.

So yeah, for me it is bit disappointing that ASOBO uses time and resources on that implementation, while they could work on other, more important VR related issues/features (overexposure, performance and so on), but I understand that they work on VR controllers, because a lot of people asked for it (and probably will be shouting unhappy that it don’t do impossible magic working as they imagined :wink: )

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This is exactly the point of XP11’s ergonomic mode. The yoke responds to “tilt/rotate” actions but it’s position in space, i.e. “translation” actions are ignored. So you can rest your hands/controllers on your lap whilst retaining “grip” on the virtual yoke.

You should try it if you haven’t. It’s surprisingly good and I certainly don’t have to keep my hand steady in the air.

It’s my preference. I understand if people prefer hardware and they are already supported in the game.

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