What's the deal with controller support?

I’ll try motion controllers in msfs but the idea doesnt really excite me, i like my hotas.

Well some controllers have thumb joysticks, which are sensitive enough to do the same work as a normal joystick. I know my Oculus ones can do a myriad of interface options with finger position sensing, buttons, and thumbsticks, but its up to the developers to work with what is available I guess. With the Airlink I could ‘in theory’ from another room to the PC, run MSFS from the headset and fly it without loosing any functionality from if I was sitting with my keyboard, mouse and joystick. This means I could get more flying time as my family does occasionally like me to emerge from my sim room :smiley:

As good as normal joystick? Maybe. As good as good/high quality joystick or good yoke? Sorry but no. I tried both Quests (own one) and also HP G2 controllers - they are not as good nor precise as my yoke.

If you’re on the left / captain side you’re supposed to fly with your left hand. Same in most GA aircraft.

For me, nothing is more immersive than using yoke, pedals throttle etc, as in real life.
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Now, this is immersion.

I agree (as you might see) with proper yoke, throttle and pedals and so on, but man do you really need to try to “flex” with your setup? (especially that except controllers - the rest is nothing related to topic) :wink:

As I’ve said many times on this topic, I don’t have any issue with people who want to use their hardware, I get it. I have a stick and throttle myself which I use for other sims.

All I’m expressing here is my wish that everything is available, including using touch controllers to operate everything in the cockpit.

A few posts above, Roman describes how you might need a million different button box layouts and peripherals to deal with flying many different aircraft. I don’t have the time and budget to buy tons of hardware, and I don’t see the need, when the sim creates a virtual version of a myriad of different cockpits!

I’m certainly not arguing that one way is better than another, just that different folks want different things! Button boxes, sticks, yokes, etc. are already supported by the sim, it would be good for some of us if they include complete touch controller support.


All of it contributes to the immersion.

Sure, but we discuss “VR controllers vs yoke etc.” I can assure you that a lot people asking for VR controllers support have similar setup as yours. :slight_smile: (so does a lot people not asking for VR controllers support). So there is no need to write it, we abstract from PC specs etc. focusing on controlling :slight_smile: There is no need to brag :wink:

The only logical conclusion from this topic, as from my original topic that got the issue to the top of the VR snapshot, is that there is a very high demand for VR controller support, and that different people want different things. So the more options we have - the better. Some will still use mouse (ugh!), others will use controllers for all the interaction (yay!) while using hardware for yoke/pedals/throttle, and yet others will use controllers for everything.

BTW for the lucky ones that can run MSFS with SteamVR instead of WMR, there are cheap DIY haptic gloves (google LusicVR gloves) that work already in everything that runs on Steam. A glove like that would be perfect. There’s your hand tracking, haptic feedback and the hand is free for using the hardware.

So, nobody has any information about Asobo‘s (or any 3rd party plug-in supplier’s) plans to implement proper hand tracking ? And no news on the VR controller support implementation status ?

VR controller support is supposed to come out tomorrow.
There is no “proper hand tracking”. Most HMDs do not pass the info from onboard cameras to the PC in a meaningful way so it can be used for hand tracking. Quest 2 only has hand tracking because it has a sufficiently fast onboard CPU to process it in-the-box. I don’t think it has is in PC mode. As far as I know, no HMD has anything like a “proper hand tracking”. Systems like “Leap Motion” use external cameras etc. to do hand tracking, which is a good solution until something integrated is done, but those are so marginal in terms of market penetration, that they are likely not appealing for Asobo to spend time on.

Thanks, VR Controller support definitely is a big step forward!

What you say about the capabilities of most VR headsets is correct; but indeed there is the option to use UltraLeap (former LeapMotion) modules, and I was also looking at the market share of the Quest 2 - although there may be an unfortunate correlation between flight sim users and Quest 2 users, in the sense that there is a relatively small overlap.

And my hope would have been that Asobo want to show-case the possibilities - how extraordinarily cool would it be if you sit in your virtual cockpit, with a hardware yoke & pedals (and perhaps bravo quadrant or not), and could directly use your hands to flick & dial switches. That would make for a great marketing video! And yes, I would love to have it too (I‘m using the G2, but might then switch to my 8KX with it’s (optional) hand-tracking module, or even consider using my Quest 2).

And of course it could have been a 3rd party plug-in, like the FlyInside was at the time (never tried it as I wasn‘t into flight simming at the time). It‘s a pity that Pointctr isn‘t supporting MSFS so far…

But VR controllers definitely is a start !

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I agree that it would be great, but I think Quest 2 can’t do hand tracking in PC mode (I may be wrong). So that only leaves UltraLeap. And Asobo should first do the controllers to even be considered full VR implementation, before it gets to the marginalized hardware. Also, I’m not sure UltraLeap will work with WMR, most of those devices work with SteamVR, which is not a good option with Reverb G2, and that’ the best mainstream HMD for MSFS now. So there’s no hand tracking that works with the best VR solution for MSFS at the moment, and I haven’t heard any plans for such. Very unfortunate. This should not be that hard. These days it should be possible with either passing passthrough camera data to PC, or just using a separate web camera for hand tracking (like they do with face tracking). But I see no solutions for that.

For lucky SteamVR users there is LucidVR DIY haptic gloves that should work. Also SteamVR only, but if G2 ever runs well with SteamVR and motion reprojection, I may build that glove.

Pimax has an Ultraleap hand tracker addon and their next headset will have it built in. The hand tracking on my 8kx works great. I really hope hand tracking support will be added eventually.

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I guess those are too marginal to pay attention for now… I wish they add hand tracking too. But even for VR controllers, todays update was really disappointing… See my post for details.

Luckily I found a way to emulate the controllers so have gotten hand tracking working. For anyone else with a hand tracking module you can follow these instructions-

But yeah that doesn’t help all the bugs and performance issues unfortunately

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That’s great for those who can use SteaVR OpenXR! Unfortunately I’m on Reverb G2 that’s only good for WMR OpenXR and thus it won’t work… Too bad, it looks great.

Actually from their website it seems the API can work in WMR OpenXR “for the applications that support it”, so I think the drivers that drive controllers based on UltraLeap still would only run in SteamVR… But it would be great if it would be a way to run UltraLEap in WMR OXR! Does anybody have that so they can test it with G2 in WMR OXR?

I think this deserves its own topic, as a feature request too - why don’t you start it and ping me so I follow that and vote? It really should be officially supported by MSFS. This can be a groundbreaking feature. It’s exactly what’s needed, and the hardware is not super expensive. Somebody with Reverb G2 and UltraLeap needs to test it so we know if it works on WMR/OpenXR in MSFS. So the rest of us know that we can buy it and it would work.

That guy is only using laser mode, not direct interaction somehow, but direct should work too, I guess. If it works with WMR, I’d buy that instantly. Best if we’d see hands in MSFS, not a controller image - for that Asobo need to program that in. But even if not - that would be amazing even as it is, provided again, that if works with WMR/OpenXR, because arguably the best mainstream HMD works that way…

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