Whats the difference? Taa and dlss

The main differences with your old G2 and new Q3 is that with the Q3 there is the need for your gpu to do data encoding. I have measured the differences between these and have estimated that the Q3 uses about 10-15% of your gpu resources. This will mean that you probably lose about 5-10% fps performance. I get around this by lowering my Q3 refresh rate to 80Hz (compared to 90Hz with my Vive Pro1).

I created a thread last month to describe what I currently use with both my Q3 and QPro. While my specs are a bit higher that yours, most of these should work fine, but you may need to lower a few of these, like tlod/olod down to 80-100. Please feel free to review my settings and maybe try these out.

If you want to know the techmical differences between TAA and DLSS, then just do a bit of googling. Basically, both can be made to work well with rtx3000/4000 series gpu’s. I prefer DLSS/balanced because it’s a bit smoother. Some like TAA/80-100 because it may produce better cockpit clarity. Up to you to decide what works best for you.

As far as ASW goes, I prefer to set this (with ODT ot OTT) to 45fps forced. This actually limits your fps to 1/2 your refresh rate and turns ASW = off (40fps in my case since I use 80Hz refresh rate). I’ve found capping the fps produces smoother, more consistant results. You can also use keyboard commands to set these on the fly. To turn ASW off press ctrl+num1 (numeric keyboard 1, not upper row 1). To set ASW = 45fps forced, asw=off, press ctrl+num2

Anyway, I hope this helps mate and good luck finding out what ultimately works best for you. Cheers.

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