What's with the military aircraft invasion?

Hello guys.
I’m just trying to understand why there are so many military aircraft appearing on the marketplace. This is not DCS!
This simulator needs more commercial aircraft, such as Embraer 120 or Saab. The scenery in this simulator is the best we can possible hope for, so that type of aircraft would fit the bill. It would be perfect for regional operations where the pilot can enjoy both, VFR and IFR flights, while also flying with a purpose. Why would I want an airplane such as an F14, or a typhoon, that are only good for fast and high flights? that only defeats the purpose of this sim, does it not? at least with commercial jets you can actually have a goal, granted, you would not see much other than approach and landing. I’m not a developer but I’m sure that if they can create an f14 or an A10, they can also create not only better commercial aircraft, whether turbo prop or jets, but they can make them study level. Please lets not transform this sim into another “fight simulation”.
Just saying.


not again :roll_eyes:

Ok … wait … let me get some beer and popcorn. Let the games begin. …


What, too much? :worried:

I don’t need to have them particularly myself, but isn’t it simply driven by them selling well (they are popular) ? :slightly_smiling_face:


no, but we are having that argument almost on a weekly basis.
End result is:

  • military planes are aircraft too
  • military aircraft have always been popular in earlier MSFS versions and even came standard in some versions.
  • flying unrealistically is fun, because you can’t do it in real life.
  • to each his own
  • the more the merrier

If we can get to a point where there is true immersion and we have groups that will do military intercepts then the military planes make more sense to me.

And for a good reason my friend.

not every thing has to make sense. Sometimes it’s just about the fun of flying something truely exotic, special and maybe even totally mad.

Don’t think so. :smiley:


So that’s why they created DCS right?

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People will fly their way. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s fine to express what we like or express dissatisfaction with faults.

But do we have to do 'I don’t like the thing they like so let’s not do that’…? :hushed:


Why would having an aircraft in a flight simulator defeat the point of the flight simulator? Aircraft come in all shapes and sizes after all. If it fly’s in the real world its welcome in the simulator. Don’t like it? Don’t see the point in it? Fine! Don’t fly it. Just ignore it. It won’t do you any harm. Leave it to people who do like to fly it.

These threads are always ridiculous.


that’s just the “shooting at other aircraft and bombing stuff” aspect. I’m not interested in that. I just want to be able to fly an F-14 if I feel like that without having to spend money, disk space and learning time on a second simulator. Also the landscape graphics of DCS suck.

If you don’t like military aircraft in MSFS: ignore them. You don’t have to buy one. They won’t hurt you or you gaming experience. Simply be tolerant to other people who have fun with them. I don’t write stuff about people flying tubelines, even though I personally find dull and boring as heck. I simple accept that other people have fun with them.

So again:

  • to each his own
  • the more the merrier

I have the F-14, F/A-18, F-16, F-5, AJS-37, A-10C II, L-39, MiG-15, MiG-21, M2000, F-86, P-51, Mi-8, Ka-50, UH-1 for DCS. I don’t always want to hop in DCS.


Advice: Don’t buy them. 99% isn’t even worth the rediculous prices they ask. Some of them costing more then the actual polygons they have.


Well, if you believe is so ridiculous why even reply? As long as you keep it civil, anyone is entitle to his or her opinion. Is not about whether “I want or not to fly it” , is about the way I perceive the issue. If you think is ridiculous, you have stated your opinion, so please respect everyone else’s.

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Sorry, but the way you’re arguing, I get the impression that you yourself don’t respect the opinion of others and want to convert them to your way of thinking. Maybe that’s not your intention, but it feels that way to me.

Fact is:
this argument has been around since before the MB339 was released last year. And it always ended the same way. So I’m done with this topic. I have tried to explain the attraction people feel for military planes in MSFS and tried to beg for tolerance. Nothing more I can do or say.


That is fine and I agree with you there. I didn’t say I don’t like them. Look at the title of my post. It is not about “like or not like” . Think about it. Otherwise Asobo and Microsoft would have flooded the sim with that type of aircraft from the very beginning don’t you think? I like them alright but I just don’t believe they should be a priority on the sim.


Did you get enough pop corn? is going… :wink:

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I also think airliners are more complex to develop. Especially since the fighter jets don’t have weapon systems etc.

Less development costs + same ridiculous price = more money

Sorry pal. I don’t look to see if anyone had posted about it. Again, is my opinion. i really don’t like to post here for that very reason. Folks turn an opinion into something else.