What's your favourite aircraft type and why?

Do you have any type of aircraft you prefer/enjoy more than others? So not thinking about a specific plane but types such as airliners, turboprops, business jets, GA/pistons, ultralight, gliders etc

I personally love turboprops, so over the moon we will get the ATR 42/72 (announced in the Q&A). For me no other type of plane sounds as lovely as a turboprop, it’s the equivalent of a nice V8 for cars!

Have also been flying a lot with turboprops since childhood, so guess that also plays in. For me they also offer a perfect balance of speed and range for the kind of flights I like to do.


My favorite are 2 engine GA props or turboprops (doesn’t really matter). Preferably something that’s not a flying computer screen. Can’t wait for the MilViz C310.


Not really a type but I like to fly airplanes that have good visibility from the cockpit as I fly for sightseeing and I do not like airplanes with modern screen controls very much.
I outsource such screen controls to my iPad and preferably want to look at oldschool controls in the cockpit. I don’t need no garmin on Bushtrips.

I fly most of the time with the Savage Cub. I love this thing.


I love the regular oh Cessna 172 really. As it will be the plane I fly in when getting my pilots license in couple of months and probably the plane ill end up buying as well. I do love the Cessna 208 tho as well, as its a great plane with cargo capacity, endurance and ability to land at very small airports.

I love the powerstol from vigomat for sightseeing , and de citation mod for the long haules

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I’m an instant convert to the Airbus H135 Helicopter (freeware). This thing’s amazing. Since I’m not a ‘proper’ virtual pilot with zero technical knowledge or skill about piloting, and mainly using MSFS 2020 for ‘virtual tourism’ anyway, the H135 gives me what I want - ‘slow and low’ so I can take in all the sights. I hope it goes on improving (although it’s already pretty impressive).


GA/pistons and ultralight.

Hell, right now I will take any GA prop type as long as it works and flies properly!

I’m an airliner guy, and my preference is older jet airliners such as 727, 737, L1011’s


That aircraft is amazing! The work theyve done is great and cant wait to see future updates

In the game, with what is currently available, the dr400, the c152 and the CRJ. In X-plane, the B737 ZIBO and the FF b767, in real life, I’m more broad, not being a pilot, I like to look at any plane whatever it is, but I’ll always be impressed by these airliner monsters, even if I understand perfectly the aerodynamics that allow them to stay in the air, now to just watch a fighter plane passing by, or better, a show whatever the type, that’s what I prefer :slight_smile:

Single engine GA aircraft for me NO airliners thanks I want to see the wonderful scenery.

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172s, since that’s what I have the most time in. Really want a -182, though.

TBM 930, Fast, Powerfull, but it is also capable of landing on a spit-long runway :drooling_face:


Helicopters, VTOL Jets and GA planes. For MSFS my fav is Cessna Caravan at this moment.

Turboprop. Because i love engine and prop sound and vibration!

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GA pistons, with a nod to the TBM.

These days (in MSFS) I find myself spending the majority of my time in the Mooney M20R. Steam gauges, engine management array, nice autopilot, fast piston single… what more can you ask for? Once you get used to 200+ mph ground speed it is difficult to go back to a slow aircraft.

That being said, for short flights (less than one hour) I still fly the C172 “Classic” which is great fun. Plus, it feels “normal” to me because the majority of my real-world hours are in a C172. It’s like pulling on your favorite pair of boots… :slight_smile:

If the Flight Sim world had a steam gauge C182 I’d likely be in that a lot. I fly the 182 Turbo from Carenado, but I’m not a huge fan. If a Third Party developer releases a decent G5 or G6 Cirrus I’d fly that quite a bit I’m sure… glass cockpit and all.

For long hauls I really enjoy the TBM. It is so fast, and flies so high you can pick up a good tailwind for one of the legs and sometimes hit 400 mph ground speed. That’s pretty impressive. Can’t wait until they get the engine logic fixed; having to pull back power as you gain altitude is completely backwards. I like the short field ability too in such a fast aircraft. Unlike a jet, you can land the TBM on a pretty short runway.


The TBM 930 and the Aerosoft CJR 700.

The Longitude because I like headaches and frustration.


Take away this curiosity, beyond the physical sensation, it is comparable that of FS 2020 with the real one ??? :smirk: