When is it approximately for the SU12 release date?

Hi there, I was wondering when is the approximate date for the SU12? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

You can look at the most recent development update and look at the dates on the development roadmap:

Currently, it’s scheduled for the 21st. Caveat: Always subject to change.


I haven’t received the SU12 Update yet and is March 21/2023. Has the SU12 Sim Update been delayed?

Updates usually happen around 16.30~17.30 GMT

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They don’t normally release the updates until 10am EST or 1pm EST. So there are a few hours more until release.

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1:05 EST
Begotten tries to update.
Server overload.

What are the SU12 improvements or where can I view the list?

It’s not released till later?

Thats when we will get the release notes.

Until then check out here for some stuff they have fixed over the course of the beta.

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When will SU12 be released? (Or did I miss it?)

It’s scheduled to be released at 1500Z today.


I have heard release time is 1630 to 1730 GMT.

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That’s because of the DST confusion. The US has switched to summer time, but Europe hasn’t done yet.

That makes sense.

As SU12 is released, please continue here: