When is SU16 beta coming?

Unfortunately not the case with SU15 and its delays… we will see. I’m trying to be patient. :sweat_smile:

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And on we march :sweat_smile:

I wish we could pay our money and start testing. I don’t think it would hurt as bad as going through this.

They posted this roadmap at the fsexpo showing SU16 for august and now I saw a couple of posts telling SU16 will be release after MSFS2024 or next year ? The problem they delayed the B707 and it’s schedule to be release alongside the SU16. I sincerly hope SU16 is still planned for august.

SU16 beta will be before MSFS2024 is released. It was scheduled to come out in January 2025 as SU15 was going to be the last update for MSFS2020. So I’m sure there is confusion for some. But yes there will be a beta before 2024, now whether it’s released as a final build before 2024 on Nov 19th that’s a question we will have to wait for. I’d love to have the LOD restored to what it was in SU14. If we keep the current build for people who want their Avionics and non ABO performance that’s great. The beta SU16 build can be for us that what the visual fidelity returned to series x.

I wouldn’t read too much into the delay of the 707 other than AH listened to the C46 thread and want to spend more time on the 707, as they didn’t feel it was ready, was my interpretation of the post there. Nothing to do with SU16 and the GDK issues. Looks like now they are planning to release it along side SU16 in a few weeks/August. When it was scheduled to come out July 2nd… seems you’re information gathering is a bit staggered.

Well. I just hope the B707 will not be pushed after 2024 or next year, I’m so eager to get it.

Now I’m wondering if we will even get a beta as Jorg said it would be a small update and they played with calling it a GDK update or SU16 small update. I sure hope we get a beta and they don’t drop this on us and say “it’s all fixed, don’t worry.”
Some clarification would be great on this. Is the 707 releasing with the SU16beta? Or is the 707 being released with SU16 final build? Is the beta beginning in August? Or is this System Update just being released sans beta?

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Since there are many of us enrolled in beta testing, it would seem prudent to release SU16 as a beta test first, to avoid the risk of sending it as a final release with uncaught issues

in 2024 - just for the record, before others pick that one up :wink:

But yes, the SU 16 is now scheduled (AFAIK) for 2024 already, as others (including you) have already mentioned. And whether SU 16 will then be the MSFS 2020 final simulation update (SU) is anybody’s best guess (I hope not ;)).

Happy flying!

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Yea if people scroll up you’ll see I already posted this. Weeks ago.

This is the internet™: no one ever scrolls up let alone reads what has been posted 1 hour ago :wink:


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Oh okay