When is the next MSFS Patch Update going to be released?

I heard it will be tomorrow (Friday) when Marketplace etc gets updated.

Does anybody know - or heard?


The development/marketplace update is not a patch. It does not address sim issues.

I can’t download i get stuck on fs-global pplease help

No not marketplace - but MSFS said they are doing a patch update that will be released - I just assumed it would be Friday release…

Many people are stuck like you…

You’re not alone.

Just pray and hope Asobo/MICROSOFT will sort it out.

Be better for you not to assume, if nothing is released you’ll just be unnecessarily disappointed.

MSFS made a post regarding another PATCH release that is what I am saying.

is there any thread of ppl discussing it ? I literally cant update my game so i cant use the fenix…

There does seem to be an issue with servers right now. Other topics on it have popped up in last 4 hours.

I see that one of the moderators have notified the team.

The online server status page was just updated.

Doesn’t matter either way will be a disappointment LOL

A patch for a patch hahaha

Issue with everything hahahaha

LOGBOOK for me the biggest issue (not saving flights)

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You heard from where? Who?

We were told to read more about it in the development blog this afternoon.

Hopefully they will fit screens going black and then CTD

Sorry, but obviously one cannot let that one go by after it being set up so well for this response —

"and if something IS released, you’ll just be unnecessarily disappointed as well "


But obviously it depends on what is released.

There was a server side patch today to address the tree issue with the new world update, probably OP mistakes this with a client side hotfix which was not announced as far as I know.

The official news section also doesn’t say anything.

The next patch on client end will likely happen on May 25th as the Maverick DLC will arrive.

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Here is the best answer that you can get. I am going to close this after this because this is the only official information available. They are trying to get it done as quickly as possible and are targeting tomorrow (please note that this may change, still):

Edit: Additional information here: