When will we see the piper?

i fly only vfr with ga, then agian i only really like cutting edge tech

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Yeah can’t agree there, have you ever flown IFR before?

IRL…give me a G1000 or G3000 all day long. So nice.

In a sim/game…not so much. Not the same experience…and very hard to read the panels compared to real life, so steam gauge wins every time in the game.

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Yeah I love map flying all the way all day. I’m about to purchase a real vfr aectional chart for flying online so should be interesting.

You can already use SkyVector.com for VFR (and IFR) charts. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

For the US, yes. Tax payers in the US fund the FAA, so all the charts are available online for free, and SkyVector legally uses that info for their website. Other countries do not follow suit, so for most of the world, all that SkyVector has is FAA WAC charts, that have little detail for true VFR flying low and slow.

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I like glass, but only when it works properly.

That said, many simmers like to fly aircraft similar to what they’d fly in the real world, or what they actually fly (or own). I am checked out in a Cessna 152, 172, 182, Piper Warrior, Archer, and Arrow, and Diamond DA20 and DA40.

A number of them have GNS 430s, and one (DA40) has a 530 and 430. None have a G1000, and when using a sim for practice/training, I like something that more closely replicates what I really fly.

Also, especially when instrument flying, there is a big difference in scanning.

Last… some glass like the Aspen units are fantastic when mixed with steam or used to replace them.

But sometimes, just a well Equipped and functional IFR steam panel feels great.


Agreed, I sometimes fly a cherokee 181 with aspen glass, and whilst it’s not as nice as a full garmin implementation it’s also a tenth of the cost, and really well implemented!

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Seconded - I use my charts from when I was flying IRL. UK Aero charts have a lot of ground mapping and importantly VRPs used in and out of controlled airspace (that you need if flying VatSim) and that you don’t get on SkyVector which helps with VFR.

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Give me gauges and a yoke any day over modern glass cockpits and flyby wire.
the skill of planning a VOR flight, mapping it out, gathering all the info, working out weight & fuel etc.
start up of the engines, warming up the power, is all the good stuff of flying. prepare, start up, taxi, take off, flight, decent, approach and landing is all the cool part of flying an older traditional aircraft.


Seconded. Not actually touched the A320 or 747 in sim.

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Carenado just announced their next plane… you should be quite happy if the quality and support is similar To their other two.

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100% need to see the Piper Warrior. They are an incredibly robust aircraft that are used for flight training at MANY facilities. My brother is earning his license in a Warrior, and I flew the exact same aircraft for my discovery flight. I would love to have a fully-modeled Warrior to practice on while I build up the necessary $$$ to take my own course. It would be useful to keep my knowledge of the aircraft up and in-practice. I have both the AeroSphere and JustFlight Warriors for X-Plane 11, but it would be nice to have an up-to-date flight model, graphics, physics, etc. Hope to see the Warrior soon!


Piper Seneca twin would also be nice to have.
usually 3rd party planes have more working switches and functions than the default, can’t wait until some more proper old school planes arrive.


Cherokee, Comanche, Warrior, Archer, Seneca! :slight_smile:


Agreed with all the above. The Piper Warrior is a must have.


If someone would post up if they see one :slight_smile:

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pa23-250 Piper Aztec please…

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