Where are DC-3 flap and gear controls?

All the videos I watch people seem to be using key bindings for flap and gear. I see the flap and gear indicators. Are there no controls in the cockpit?

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There are large levers in between the seats
The yellow one does the flaps and there are two red ones, one to unlock and the other to operate the gear.
If you set the Accessability tooltips to Lock, you will be able to hover your mouse over the levers and work out how to use them.
In short, the flaps lever has three positions, up middle and down.
In eather the up or down position, the flaps will move until they reach the stop.
The middle position is the neutral, to set the flaps acording to the indicator at the left side of the panel.

The lower red gear lever is a lock and once unlocked, the gear is operated by the upper red lever.

Thanks! The gear lever horn while on the ground works nice for honking at airport traffic while taxing :slight_smile:


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