Where can I find the corresponding manuals, descriptions, airport chart for add ons bought at Marketplace?

maybe a stupid question, but I bought most of my aircraft and airports at the Marketplace.

Some days ago, I bought Key West International Airport (KEYW) and Naval Air Station Key West (KNQX) at Simmarket…my first purchase outside the Marketplace. Thereby I noticed, that you get more stuff than only the airport itself. In this case, it was a description with an airport chart for KEYW.

Now I´m asking me, where is this stuff, when buying it at the marketplace and where can I get the corresponding manuals, descriptions and airport charts for the downloads from the Marketplace?

The marketplace is all 3rd Party. It is best to contact that 3rd Party. Sometimes, they have it available on their respective websites.

Found a lot of info using your airport code in a Google search like “Key West KEYW data”

:smiley_cat: now let’s hope real world data is good, AirNav: KEYW - Key West International Airport

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I noticed that for the Carenado aircraft I purchased that the documentation was buried in the folder structure of the aircraft. They did that because there is no official place to put it in the Marketplace listing.
I brought Key West from the Marketplace. I don’t know if that’s the same one, but I’ll check to see if there’s documentation included.
Someone made a Wishlist topic for links to documentation for third-party aircraft purchased in the Marketplace. I know it’s not the same as scenery, but it’s still the same sentiment:

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