Where do you fly?

I’m curious what airports or areas see the most sim flights. Post your regular places and compare.


Suggestions can be made to visit the other pilots …

New Zealand. Very pretty and not too big to explore in its entirety over a couple days. Might want a fast plane like the Baron, Bonanza or DA62 though.

Southern California. Mountains are fun with the cubs.

British Columbia. Same as above except more green and snow topped mountains. Also more remote.

I just pick two major cities and fly between them. My last flight was Sao Paolo to Lima. The flight took me over the amazon and Andes mountains. Spectacular.


I actually started at the furthest south airport in South America (name fails me right now) and have been airport hopping northward. Its been a BLAST I have had a lot of fun exploring the region and with some of the smaller GA airplanes, it really makes it an enjoyable experience. If I am not doing that, then I am just picking a random city and random airplane and just going - with everything live (traffic and multiplayer especially) and just go. Its been super fun to just simply fly.

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I started out flying routes out of my home airport as I have in real life… now I am currently slowly making my way across the country in the 172 Steam gauge… checking interesting places out as I go.

Southwestern USA. since that is my base in RL. (Home airport is missing the tower)

Seeing how good things are reproduced that I know.

A lot of the visual reference sites could be touched up.

But mostly I fly to this forum departure lounge to be amused by posts by people announcing their departure and the replies they get
and of course to offer help :grinning:


Flying around the world.
My Rules:
VFR, must able to see where I’m going.
Real weather.
Good take offs and landings.

Flying Beechcraft G36

Started the day the game came out in Claresholm, Alberta, Canada
Now in Atlin, Yukon. Should be in Whitehorse tomorrow, weather permitting.
A few Pics
See you in the skies!



Thinking about doing the low and slow GA VFR tour in the 150 from JFK to LAX this weekend. Need to plan lots of fuel stops for that one. :slight_smile:

I bet you’re cheating and those pics come from x-plane :smiley:

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Most testing and tweaking is done around Chicago and northern Illinois, just because it has a good mix of scenery intensity.

For fun flying is done pretty much everywhere currently, since I’ve been stuck in Orbx sceneries for my bush flying for so long. It’s nice to actually have things to see in the rest of the world, without the same textures repeating everywhere, lol.

Eventually I’ll pick a new base of operations somewhere, and stick around until it gets stale. Might take awhile though. Too many interesting areas to pick from right now.

Skip the Bonanza for now. Some issues with that one… Couldn’t get it over like 90kt.

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Have been flying from KNEW to see that hurricane so far, and around Northern Germany and Southern Denmark. Didn’t even fly over my house yet… I mean, why?

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Mostly SE Asia, specifically The Philippines and Indonesia, but I’ve been into Vietnam a few times.

Indonesia (Sulawesi, Borneo, Sumatra, etc) is a Bush Pilot’s paradise if danger is your drug of choice.

I’ve been disappointed that so far a lot of SE Asia’s frankly stunning coastlines and archipelagos (IRL) have not been translated too well in MSFS 2020. The beautiful coral seas around so much of the coastal areas is just missing. Let’s hope that over time these areas are revisited by the mapping team and shown a bit more love.

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I fly in Dallas, except its all missing…


It does need alot of work. But by leaning it way out and setting RPM to half-ish I got it to 140-150ish

First I read that as you leaned way out the window, was like how will that help.

Yeah i found that too, was like is it running too rich? I bet the mixture is always way too rich and it’s just drowning, or it thinks it’s at -30000MSL or something.

But even lean it struggled, I don’t think i got above 110.

KATL, KFFC, KPDK, KLZU, KFTY, KGVL <-- Georgia USA / KRSW and KFMY <-- Florida USA

all local airports to me and is my typical areas.

Where OnAir Company takes me. I have to fly cargo and passengers and make money…

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