Where do you fly?

I like west coast of Scotland, Plockton to Benbecuela, I also like Death Valley to Shoshone, let’s be honest this sim is wonderful so much to explore.

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Love hearing all the places to check out!
When we think about what’s out there we find a trove of treasures to see, despite some of the short comings of the sim.

Actually from the sky in one of the pics, I’d say it absolutely cannot be msfs/fs2020.

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I also fly a ton around SE, the Philippines (also because my in-game career is based off of there - :small_airplane: RPVM) and between :small_airplane: CYBR (it’s surrounding municipal airports - I love flying over my neighborhood) and :small_airplane: CYWG (Winnipeg), when practicing flying. Tons of lakes to see over Manitoba → NW Ontario.

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When I’m on OnAir its wherever it takes me (generally around SE UK at the moment. EGLF is my home-base), when I’m not using OnAir I have a fly a cessna around the world challenge I’ve set myself. So far have done England to Jersey to France to Greece to Turkey to Ukraine to Moscow. I keep looking at the leg from Moscow to the Bering Straits to get across to North America without a massive Sea leg and decide to go back to OnAir!

I’m an OnAiir guy too and generally fly the South of England from Bournemouth, Southampton and the Channel Islands when doing the career stuff.
I highly recommend Jersey as there are lots of short range executive transport jobs there to keep an ai pilot busy and earning. Good fuel prices too.

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Just the usual spots

  1. Over your current house
  2. Over where you grew up
  3. Where you first had real flying lessons.
  4. Cessna Citation take off from Lukla. Just to see if you can… and because the Cessna 152 wasn’t clearing the mountain opposite… :slight_smile:
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Just finished leg 11 of my round the world VFR-ish journey starting in Edinburgh and heading West. Trying to pick up as many sights, photogrammetry and handbuilt airports along the way - definitely taking the scenic route. I’m not being too strict - started out trying to go a single save, but a few bugs have got in the way of that. Each leg is a new flight and I do proper take off and landings, but I;m not getting hung up on fuel and taxiing to gates and stuff just yet. Using each leg to try a few things and to to get to grips with ILS landings, RNAV landings etc and procedures - all new to me as a non pilot and new simmer. Progress map below, and my journal is here. Having a blast.


I’m currently going for the ‘SIDS and STARS’ achievement, landing at 25 starred airports. So far I’ve done
Londonderry to Donegal in the C172 (steam gauge) and Nairobi to Entebbe in the Dreamliner. Right now I’m on my way from KMSP to Chicago in the Airbus.

I actually have done more flights and landed at starred airports (NZQN, LFPG) but for some reason these didn’t count towards the achievement. Anybody else had same? I wonder if it ‘reset’ my progress after the latest patch…

starting at my local grassfield KBEA in Beeville Tx in the savage - flying it west to Freer to check out my ranches from the air (kinda) - eventually going to fly to some scenic spots elsewhere, but just enjoying flying out past my home as a starting point.

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For right now mostly in southern MI/northern Ohio because that is where I live. If not there Southern California because I used to live there and there are lots of airports, mountain, ocean, deserts and military bases scattered all over.

Now that I am betting familiar with sim I might start venturing out a bit more.

I have yet to fly over my own house or places I have lived in. I have flown over the areas but haven’t actually tried to find the houses or anything.



Yesterday KCLT (Charlotte, NC) was PACKED with pilots. I have no idea why but it was insane!

North west Queelsnland, Australia. Between Kowanyama (YKOW), Normanton(YNTN)/Karumba(YKMB) & Burketown (YBKT).


Taken the A320 from Nairobi-Luanda-Lagos-Casablanca-Madeira-Ibiza-London-Moscow-Baghdad-Delhi-Kuala Lumpur- Darwin-Sydney-Cairns-Singapore(ate into fuel reserves :disappointed:)-Hong Kong- Beijing-Narita-Khomutovo. Next is Anchorage.

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Most of my flights are in SoCa, but I have been in Alaska, they did a great job there. Glacier National Park was amazing. I used the King Air mostly on longer flights. I use Foreflight and just set headings for each way point since no flight planning is there for the king Air. The Baron is a nice aircraft to fly with pretty good views from the play

I try to confine my flights to the Pacific NW from Alaska to Mexico and from the Pacific to the Mississippi. I like to hop to those small airports just to see what they look like and enjoy the challenge of landing on them. I usually start my trips from Orcas Island, KORC, and go East from there.


You flew directly over my house. That’s awesome :smiley:

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I am in my own sort of beta phase at the moment waiting for some of the more … intrusive bugs to be fixed and taking the opportunity to re-programming elements of my ‘cockpit’.
So for now I am just making local test flights out of EGCC [Manchester, England] usually up to the lakes and back.
I am in no hurry here. Not with a projected product lifespan of some 10 years.
But eventually I shall ‘break out’ for my first circumnavigation [on this particular platform] and see the world.
And what a world Asobo/MS have given us! Lovely.

Places I have either been or am going to - Some are places I have been to in real life - others I just want to see:

Location / City name GPS Loc
ABC Islands 12.509127, -70.007060
Agra (Taj Mahal) 27.186855, 78.021381
Air Force Graveyard 32.167716, -110.858764
Aleutian Islands 54.721070, -164.326007
Anchorage 61.239574, -149.830867
Athens 37.978467, 23.725393
Atlin 59.575178, -133.706642
Bangalore 13.086599, 77.594764
Bangkok 13.954037, 100.516905
Barcelona 41.386288, 2.189720
Beijing 39.917072, 116.391528
Bergen 60.398707, 5.320677
Berlin 52.538904, 13.383863
Bern 46.945205, 7.434811
Brisbane -27.440379, 153.030251
Bruge 51.218203, 3.266803
Budapest 47.488751, 19.058628
Buenos Aires -34.559266, -58.458121
Burns Flat OK 35.349854, -99.170608
Cairo 30.053770, 31.220799
Cape Town -33.924673, 18.424688
Cartagena 10.393274, -75.482777
Casa Blanca 33.574714, -7.588538
Chicago 41.909435, -87.651841
Christchurch -43.515917, 172.639841
Cleveland 41.498025, -81.688009
Cusco -13.531532, -71.968401
Detroit 42.332562, -83.049939
Devil’s Tower 44.590363, -104.714595
Dubai 25.216391, 55.360750
Dublin 53.350036, -6.252835
Dubrovnik 42.650700, 18.095927
Edinburgh 55.951008, -3.199846
Enon, Oh 39.878052, -83.936745
Fiji -17.988274, 178.001949
Florida Keys 25.264517, -80.315010
GeorgeTown 19.339957, -81.367690
Great Barrier Reef -17.954324, 146.843436
Hanoi 21.027923, 105.834357
Havana 23.112891, -82.359783
High Wycombe 51.628724, -0.747906
Hong Kong 22.320921, 114.171629
Istanbul 41.055611, 28.942665
Jaipur, Rajasthan 26.916117, 75.789526
Jerusalem 31.770586, 35.090325
Johannesburg -26.203538, 28.039264
Katmandu 27.718564, 85.327150
Kyoto 34.985195, 135.758105
Lisbon 38.722732, -9.139604
London 51.506539, -0.184677
Madrid 40.421865, -3.703519
Manhattan 40.783163, -73.973006
Marrakesh 31.637450, -8.057871
Miami 25.801387, -80.148892
Montreal 45.502064, -73.565524
Moscow 55.755520, 37.640803
Mt. Rushmore 43.878793, -103.459056
Nassau 25.044532, -77.351132
New Deli 28.622308, 77.209327
New England - Maine etc. 43.659057, -70.257692
North Sentinel Island 11.552373, 92.233523
Old Tucson 32.218694, -111.130205
Omaha NE 41.287091, -95.945105
Paris 48.860007, 2.295543
Prague 50.096223, 14.402451
Quebec City 46.819945, -71.207798
Queenstown -45.029742, 168.661464
Quito -0.180362, -78.466899
Rio De Janeiro -22.942360, -43.215887
Rome 41.902191, 12.585724
Saigon 10.834256, 106.632027
San Diego 32.717996, -117.147822
San Francisco 37.778415, -122.424405
San Sebastian 43.318146, -1.954642
Seattle 47.620651, -122.348687
Seoul 37.566543, 126.976961
Seville 37.389688, -5.982181
Shanghai 31.350593, 121.489557
Singapore 1.355415, 103.868332
Spanaway 47.110388, -122.447222
St. Petersberg 59.933496, 30.363457
Stockholm 59.338325, 18.067192
Sydney -33.829606, 151.216854
Timbuktu 16.766660, -3.001696
Tokyo 35.680915, 139.768999
Toronto 43.645851, -79.387250
Up the CA coast on Hwy 1 35.644266, -121.182352
Vancouver 49.282030, -123.114032
Vegas 36.197049, -115.125864
Venice 45.441119, 12.316859
Vienna 48.245744, 16.373076
Washington DC 38.872091, -77.055773
Yellowstone 44.415945, -110.569074
Yosemite 37.870323, -119.538774
Zurich 47.377450, 8.541865
Hollywood Sign 34.134261, -118.321108
Monument Valley 37.008099, -110.200986
Half Dome 37.746190, -119.533779
Redwoods 41.213196, -124.004471
Molokini 20.630957, -156.495209
Pearl Harbor 21.353102, -157.979905
Cliffs of Moher 52.971730, -9.431161
Neuschwanstein Castle 47.557704, 10.750509
Bergen 60.391173, 5.322643
Stoneheng 51.182186, -1.812092
Newport RI 41.489940, -71.311796
Atlantic City 39.362835, -74.413596
Red Square 55.753727, 37.620211
St Basil’s Cathedral 55.752629, 37.623003
Russian arctic 80.577495, 94.506260
Bikini Atoll 11.610826, 165.378672
Palmyra Atoll 5.881758, -162.086042
Kennedy Space Center 28.628279, -80.628664
Mont Saint Michel 48.636425, -1.506401