Where is my logbook?

I do a lot of local flying, mostly from and back to the same airport. However, sometimes when I actually do take a longer trip, at the end of the flight a logbook pops up in front of my face. Before I’ve had a chance to study it, it’s gone. I’ve reviewed the forum archives, and there’s a lot of discussion about logbooks. However, I never read an indication as to where the logbook is located in FS 2020. How do I find my logbook? Where do I look?

Look on the home page, Then click the the “profile” tab and you’ll find it there.

Don’t be surprised to see most of your flights not logged or only partially so. The log book is basically a big steaming pile of dung at the moment and doesn’t work very well, if at all.

Logbook works fine for me!

It doesn’t for a whole lot of people though, and hasn’t since patch 1.8.3.

Go ahead and log your vote here when you find it LOL

The logbook works very badly for me. It recorded my first flights and then nothing since 1 month …

You tell me
Doing a 5 hour flight. Diverted to alternate on the middle and no flight is showing in the logbook. Wasted 3 hours…

Quelqu’un sait-il où se trouve le fichier correspondant au carnet de vol et donc comment le sauvegarder en cas de réinstallation complète de FS2020. Merci.

Does anyone know where the file corresponding to the logbook is located and therefore how to save it in the event of a complete reinstallation of FS2020. Thanks

Your logbook is stored in the cloud, not your computer. You don’t lose it if you reinstall.

Great !!! Thank you for your quick answer !!! And good flight !