Where is North Europe server?

I am trying to join some people live streaming their flight. They say they are in the North Europe server.
Probleme is that I don’t see any North Europe server! See following screehsot:

How to solve this problem?

EDIT: It seems that “North Europe” server is actually “Europe (Centre)” in my language. Very weird but at least it works.

Interesting. It shows up for me.


I wonder if it’s dropping it from the list for you because the latency might be too high?

Same as CasualClick, I show it on line.

Again and again and again … so frustrating … what’s asobo/ms doing all the time ???

The Team is investigating what is happening. More to come as they know it.

Trying to start the sim here in Finland. Not working…

Folks, there is a known outage on XBox services right now. Feel free to visit the page for latest updates.

Okay, good to know, thanks. Tomorrow then with better luck :+1:

Hi All!
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