Where is the A350?

sorry but I didn’t see any development of this aircraft!
anybody else knows If is expected or underdevelopment?

There are a few in the pipeline. If you type A350 in the search field , it will point you to all the discussion/development threads.


There are two developments for the A350s.

Digital Flight Dynamics (DFD) are making a freeware A350s.
Sim4Flight are making a payware A350s.

Both of which can be found on Discord for their development progress. I see a lot more development updates from DFD, the latest came out a few weeks ago with their instrument panel modeling and lighting.

Just be patient… In the mean time, check out the new freeware A330-900neo that is a really good alternative to the same class as A350. It actually flies wonderfully and we have a growing collection of liveries being released regularly.


The problem is, there is almost no public data out there for an A350. Thats the reason that no well known developer is doing it, its just not possible if „realism“ and systems are a keypoint…

But for sure someone will do it somehow in any form… just dont expect a „study level“ simulation.

There is lots of info out there if you know where to look or to ask. Many developers have IRL type-rated pilots who provide valuable insight. Where there is a will, there is a way

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No one, absolutely no one, makes “study-level” aircraft from public data.

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There is a very good A350 available for X-Plane. I am sure it will come to MSFS at some point. I have it myself.


Purtroppo Airbus A330-900 ha problemi nel carico del carburante. Come metto la slide a 80 o 90, torna a ZERO. Da che dipende?


The new version is now using a separate custom Payload and Fuel System. You can’t use the default Payload and Weight menu slider. Instead, use the FlyPad EFB to load your fuel, and use the MCDU → ATSU → AOC → W/B to load passenger and cargo.

I highly doubt that a space shi… eh I mean aircraft this complex will ever be simulated for any flight sim.
Every A350 simulator will probably have a million lines of code and without getting full access to something like ProSim or getting the code of a real A350 simulator handed out… there is zero chance to get a flying data center like this “simulated for 50$”

I think it’s just a matter of how detailed that you want it to be. If you’re expecting a 1:1 complete replica of its entire systems and capabilities. I would agree with you, it’s probably difficult and near impossible to do given the lack of public transparency on the engineering data.

But I think we should be accepting for any limitations and shortfall and get it to behave as close as possible even it won’t be 100% correct. Even an A350 with the same of detail as the default Asobo A320 is acceptable to me, at least for the first public release version.

I dunno, I think it depends on the mindset. I’m the kind of guy who thinks “A bad something, is still better than nothing”. So even a low-fidelity A350 with very basic systems, as long as we can import flight plan from SimBrief and the autopilot can fly the aircraft and have fly-by-wire handling capabilities, I think that’s enough for the first release version. I don’t need failure simulations, realistic hydraulics and electrical systems, etc… These are just “nice to have” and can be implemented in later stages, but for the first version, just make it flyable with realistic handling and autopilot navigation. That’s it.


Eh, I know it looks complicated but it isn’t really much for a home flight sim. We don’t have addons that simulate real-time computing characteristics of much simpler airplanes, yet they are lauded as very good (and they are!). Why does an A350 need to fit this criteria?

Home sims don’t need to concern themselves with safety and redundancy. Addons that simulate that don’t go into the details of real-time computing and CPU architectures.

The hard part is documentation, not the complexity of the aircraft. Let’s not kid ourselves, no one is replicating the ENTIRE thing anyway at the present moment for ANY aircraft. It just wouldn’t run on your computer.

Where do come up with some of this stuff? The A350 is no more, nor no less complicated than any other modern airliner. The basics can be simulated just like any other Airbus in the sim. The detailed nuances of the different mode in the FBW system may or may not be simulated fully - it will depend on the reources available to the development team to reverse engineer them from available documentation, and/or their access to current/former A350 pilots as technical advisors. If you have the $$ to fund it, it can be developed and implemented.

Whether it WILL be depends on who’s got that cash and those resources.


Of course because because am not willing to fly anything below that standard after the gorgeous and absolute awesome Fenix A320 release :wink:
I personally have zero interest in simpleton or dumbed-down arcade planes in a simulator.

Otherwise if I wanted to cheap out I would fold a paper plane and throw it off the balcony while make hissing jet sounds, or play Ace Combat on consoles… :smiley:

It surely could be developed, but development teams for flight simulators are rather small while such airplanes like an A350 have a thousand engineers with a million lines of computer code.
No development team with common sense would even dare to recreate a real study-level 787 or A350, that task is so overwhelming like five children deciding to build a space ship. Sooner or later at some point they will fail…
The situation would be different if a development team could buy the necessary code for such a magnificent machine like Fenix did with ProSim, in this case the team has a solid study-level base to recreate an absolute masterpiece for home flight simulation.
But I doubt this will be ever possible for a Dreamliner or an A350 to just buy the whole program code from someone to create another beyond magnificent home simulator aircraft like the Fenix is.
Hmmm maybe in 20 years or so when the A350 becomes rather “old & uninteresting” and with many code and aircraft details no longer being confidential for the public, and when different development teams can get a hold of real pilot training institute sim code, slowly the first A350 and Dreamliners equipped with full system menus and sub-menus and all cockpit computers and circuit breakers and electric systems fully simulated will roll out into the virtual flight sim hangars… :slight_smile:

you won’t believe how wrong you are with the little info you have. QW already made a study level 787 for p3d and is in the process of making one for msfs. Flight factor has an a350 (xp11) to offer though it is still lacking in a few areas.


Then I recommend you get yourself one of these. I can guarantee you these are the most realistic A350 simulator without all the dumbed-down arcade stuff. Exactly as you would expect. And they’re on sale at the moment. Quick… grab it while you still can.


To be honest, I bought the Fenix A320 and I don’t feel the money I spent was justified. It’s high-fidelity, sure… But I don’t use 80% of the extra realistic stuff that it has over the FBW A32NX that’s free. I fly the FBW A32NX as usual, and I fly the Fenix A320 the same way. Both gave me the same enjoyable flight successfully with no issues. So I end up paying for something that I already get for free from somewhere else.

And for me, as long as A350 has the same level of fidelity as the current FBW A32NX, I think it’s acceptable for a general release. Besides, we live in an agile software development world now. There’s really no need to spend 10 years developing an aircraft before releasing it, if you can release it every month as you continue to develop it. Other people can enjoy at the same time, and the product can be improved based on feedback. Everybody wins.

Which comes back to my first point. I guess I’m just the kind of person who just makes do and make the best with what I have than being a purist of either have to be absolutely 100% perfectly realistic or I’d rather have nothing at all. Again… for me a “bad something” is still better than “nothing”.

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I hate to burst anyone’s hyperbolic bubbles in this thread, but EVERY airliner designed, certificated and operated throughout the post-WW jet age has been designed by teams of thousands of engineers, physicists and technicians. This is true of Boeings, Airbuses, Lockheeds, Douglases, whatever …

A study-level A350, B787 or whatever is perfectly possible with a team of a dozen or so people given enough time, enough money, and access to enough technical detail to represent the behavior of the systems. The sim doesn’t have to run the same code as the real plane, it just has to LOOK like it does, which is a KEY difference. It’s not magic, it’s resources.

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Have FF announced that they will be developing for MSFS then?

If so, next to Aerobask changing their minds, that would be a very interesting move.

I would love to see the 787 variants on SIM and it doesn’t even have to be study level. I believe Quality Wings has become a legend.

Every single sim plane is “dumbed-down”. There is no plane available for any sim, including commercial ones, that replicate the entirety of an aircraft’s systems. It is literally impossible. They all have something faked along the way. Especially below level D FFTDs.

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