Where is the hurricane?

I wanted to fly into the Hurricane Zeta. Not showing.

and here is the current weather sat pic

I did see it in the sim earlier today so it “was” there. I had to start a ten hour flight so I could not hop into it, but wanted too. There has got to be some fun times in there right now. Lot’s of bags being passed around the cockpit.


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Possible it is there when I loaded the flight. Flying east from Lake Charles, do have almost 30 knt tail wind and it should get good as I get to closer

METAR text: KMSY 282320Z 35033G55KT 1 3/4SM +RA BR OVC006 24/24 A2893 RMK AO2 PK WND 03060/2259 PRESRR P0046 T02440239

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Zeta was over the water, earlier today, when I got to fly in it’s eye.
Waves on the water were impressive.
Then as I flew out of the eye, a lot of wind & rain.


How do you get waves that look like that, I havent flown into a hurricane but Ive flown in 30knts winds and I dont even get whitecaps…

I flew my TBM right into its eye earlier this afternoon. It was there.

Waves look pretty good for me… Is your PC under spec? I have a theory if it’s under spec and FPS is suffering rendering is dropped… Lease it did until my new PC.

There’s a rainbow!

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Yes… we are all looking for that Rainbow, and hope to find a pot of FPS at its base.

the fact that the sim even produced a rainbow was Impressive, !!!

Usually it’s 2 pots pretending to be happy clouds right?

At 8:00pm CST when Hurricane Zeta has already made landfall and New Orleans has had a breached levy from all the rain, I opened the Sim to find this over New Orleans… barely dark clouds. If you wish to believe what Asobo CEO told us today, then the metar and meteoblue work perfectly or best case, they should start working much better now that they’ve fixed a server caching issue on their end. Clearly hasn’t prorogated to the US yet.

In my testing I have found the built-in live weather to be correct 10% of the time.

I have seen it in the Sim yesterday. Some are flying through it already: https://youtu.be/Lv-DUJyMy1o

Great. So as we’ve all been saying, live weather does not work consistently.


i flew through it east bound and west bound last night. it seems the live weather works if you connect to a good server, but it is about 4 to 8 hrs behind actual storm…


1080 Ti 11 gigs i7-7 16 gig of ram games running on a 2tb ssd, 100 gig internet connection, everything on Ultra except bldgs, plants their set on High. Everything usually looks fine, except after the last couple of patches water got nondescript, no white caps (water set on high BTW). This morning I was flying over the Gulf of Mexico, and I had maybe white caps behind me, but when I crossed into the La. area seas got flat as glass.

So it’s more “Historic” weather VS “Live” weather… :wink:

It was live (Up to date / current) when I flew in the eye.
I found where the eye was on other live weather websites. put my plane at that location, and there was the eye . Pretty Impressive.