Where is the new flight sim stored on the computer?

I know where I told the program to install, and I can find all the data files there.

I would love to put a shortcut to the new flight sim on my desktop but I can’t find where the exe file is located. I’ve searched in the installation folder where most of the data is, I’ve looked in Program Filess, I’ve looked in Program Files (x86). Not knowing the actual name for the .exe file, it’s hard to search for it. Is it an exe file?

You dont need to know it.
Simply put a reference link on the start menu (from the store). Then you can drag and drop it from there onto your desktop.

there is no .exe file.

for shortcut, just do as @Thoddy398 suggested.

Else, the program files of the sim are at c:/user/appdata/local/packages/Microsoft.Flightsimulator….

Thanks to you both – I thought I had tried that click-and-drag but apparently I hadn’t done it properly. It worked just fine now.