Where is the Snow? Minneapolis St Paul (KMSP)

A good tip I once read in this forums was awhile ago, but once I done this I get live weather every time that is accurate to local metar reports,

See how it works for you, you simply just have to right click on the launch icon and run as administrator

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I just tried KMSP too. Some cloud cover. No snow. Tried east and west servers, disconnected and reconnected to xbox. When you click live weather it loads snow on ground for a brief moment, then clean asphalt. Something aint right

If live weather seems wonky, changing to a different type until it stabilizes and then back will sometimes force it to re-think reality. Also, the Unreal Weather mod is a mighty fine addition to the sim.

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Unreal wx is showing snow on ground but none falling

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I live in Minneapolis and I can attest to the fact that it is snowing here. Sideways.


I wanna fly there in the dang snow

@blueline308, It’s possible to have snow on the grass or dirt, but not on the runway or other concrete or asphalt surfaces. Did you try flying around to see if you can see snow anywhere?

Thinking of trying an XCub at KMIC, ~20 mile NW of KMSP. I live under the pattern.

Yes I did…No joy

This what KMSP looks like with live weather on East server with a 23ms ping. I give up :slight_smile:

@blueline308, the only thing that worked for me was restarting MSFS. Of course I may have gotten lucky and it was just a coincidence.

I have tried that twice. I went to somewhere else (cant recall where) that showed snow falling…somewhere in Canada and no snow either

I turned off ONLINE FUNCTIONALITY in DATA settings and Unreal WX still worked. Turned it back on and Live WX still a no go…LOL

Maybe I will file a bug report. Of course if more people do that it will get more attention.

I dont understand how it works for some ppl and not others…

BTW, I am getting lots of real time traffic…go figure

Actually, there is already a bug report on this here. Snow Cover or No Snow Cover

Lot’s of discussion on this issue.

Just flew from KMIC to KMSP in live weather in an XCub. I set the time to noonish. Accurate to real world. Unreal WX was sunny (?).

More live traffic than I’ve seen in a month, too.

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Why did you upper cased “vatsim”

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