Which aircraft is this?

This looks like a lot of fun - anyone know which aircraft this is and if it’s available to PC users?

Any others like it?

Looks like the ■■■■■■ Eurofighter from the marketplace.


Eurofighter typhoon? Anyone try this? Is that the fastest aircraft in MSFS2020? Is it stable post SU5?

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AFAIK that’s an awful add-on.
The F-15 is a very similar aircraft from a perfomance POV, but the quality is a lot better.


Which F-15?

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I don’t how many F-15s for MSFS are available. I’m only aware of the DC Designs version.

Yeah, that’s the Eurofighter. Would suggest the DC Designs F-14 if you’re looking for a Mach 2 jet for MSFS, soooo much better in every way.


Thanks. F-14 over the F-15? They go as fast and high as the Eurofighter?

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F-14 is (1) newer, and Dean’s learning more with each generation so it’s a bit more feature-rich than the F-15 and (2) cheaper despite being a little better.

Both are Mach 2 aircraft.

The Eurofighter’s flight model is ridiculous, so it will go faster and accelerate faster. If you want something approximating a real fighter jet, go DC Designs. If you want something that goes as fast as possible at low level and you don’t mind a plane that doesn’t fly realistically and that has a cartoonish cockpit, the Eurofighter’s your option.


No way. The F-14 is a very heavy carrier based complex swing wing fighter/bomber.

The F-15 (especially the C) is a no brainer from a performance and pilots POV.


Of the three, as I have them all. I would recommend the F-15. Specially the F-15E. Absolutely a blast. Great features, nice acceleration, great ceiling, sweet cockpit, good flight model, and a beautiful thing to look at.

EF2000 is garbage. It’s one of my faves IRL, but in the sim it’s a joke. Handling is akin to a lead ingot with wings that unrealistically gets to Mach 2.5+ in a matter of seconds at sea level.

F-14 is great. But I don’t personally care for the flight model as much as the F-15. The F-14 bleeds of a lot of speed in medium G turns and the nannys controlling the plane for you sometimes feels like it gets in the way. Now this is probably realistic to the real thing. I just don’t enjoy it as much.


Got it. That might be what I do. I’d probably want the F-14 and F-15 for real flight sim. But seriously, even if it’s gamey and fictitious, if the Eurofighter can get significantly “closer to space” my son would be exuberantly thrilled and that’s worth it to me.


I get that. I bought all three. And I fly all three. I just fly the F-15 90% of the time since it’s release. Either way, I hope you and your son enjoy. They are a blast.

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I think I’d probably enjoy flying the F-15 the most. However, does the EF2000 get a lot closer to “space” in the sim than the F-15? That alone would thrill my son, if it indeed does that.

The EF2000 definitely gets closer to space. I’ve had it all the way to the ceiling of the sim. Which is about 249,000 feet. It’s a hoot. But it’s not a long lasting hoot. Lol.

I wish the EF2000 was just unrealistic all around if it’s going to be this big of a joke anyway. Like the roll rate is that of the TBM930 in sim. But in real life the EF2000 rolls faster than most people could comprehend. Also the pitch rate in sim is so lethargic and weighted. It’s awful. If I was the developer, just turn everything to the max. The speed, acceleration and ceiling are already there. Why Not mod the pitch and roll to meet the same ridiculousness?

I’m just saying this as I know the developer will never give it a real flight model to more accurately portray the real typhoon. Sad but true.


There is only the dc designs F15 available but you get the C, D, E and Israeli variants in the package. If you are after a fast jet I’d recommend the F15 or the F14.

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It’s not functional. Just a 3d model.
DC designs are a bit better but still low effort addons. Better to avoid any of them.

Oh good lord. Hardly low effort The DC Designs stuff is great. It’s just “medium core” and that offends some switchology fans.


buy him Kerbal Space Program :smiley:


If they were priced accrodingly (10-15€) sure it would be good. But 30€? Yeaaah…no. I paid ~45€ for DCS F-18.