Which free Boeing Mod to use to learn to fly Boeing?

So far I only fly the FBW A32nx. I really like the level of detail and it is very satisfying. Now I would like to move on and also learn to fly one of the Boeing planes. I know that PMDGs 737s are supposedly very good, but I’m not ready for spending the money before trying out Boeing for a bid. That leaves me with the available free mods for the 747-8 (Salty mod, and I believe there is also a heavy mod) and the 787-10 (Heavy Mod).

Which of those mods would you recommend to use to first learn on Boeing and why? Also, what is current state and limitations of the mods mentioned above? I would prefer to learn on the 787 for simulation and immersion reason, since it is more reasonable to fly shorter routes with that plane (not really flying intercontinental that much).

None of the Boeing mods is anywhere near as complete as the FBW A320neo, I’m afraid.

Salty also does not appear to have any documentation / quickstart guide, not sure how it is on the various 787 mods.

To be honest, the B737-600 (the $35 one) is almost worth its price for the tutorial PDF (which includes a step-by-step walkthrough for an entire flight) alone.

Ok, thanks for the answer. I did not expect them to be near as complete as the FBW 320. But which one of them would be the one that is least incomplete in order for me dabbling around with a Boeing?

Again, it really just for trying out Boeing and see the differences to Airbus. If I really want to dig in deeper I probably would buy one of the PMDGs anyway.

If I decide to pay money on one of the PMDGs 737, should I go with the -800 instead? Still comes with the same guides, right?

Yes, they all come with the same documentation. Which one you prefer is up to you.

Is their any difference besides weight and dimensions? They all the NG versions, right?

They’re all NG.

The -600 includes only the PAX version, the -800 includes a PAX version, business jet and two freighter variants. The -800 also is far more common in real life so there are more liveries you can use if you care about realism. Flight behavior is different between them - the -800 is generally more sluggish due to higher weight.

what about the -700?

I don’t have it but it also comes in PAX, business jet and cargo variants.

Do the PMDG’s have a flypad with Simbrief integration?

No, but you can load Simbrief flight plans via the FMC.

(The Salty 747 doesn’t have an electronic flight bag either, as far as I am aware.)

It’s probably a toss-up. Since both are free (assuming you already have the premium version of MSFS), I would say just pick one and try it out.

That will come in a patch soon ™

The FMC is the Boeing version of the MCDU?

Yes, I have the premium. In that case I probably will play around with the 787 Heavy Mod. What major things are missing in those mods compared to the Flybywire?

but cockpit layout and functionality is the same between the variants, correct?


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